• Weight-Size 14 US/Pair 805 grams
  • Cost $189.95

Altra Timp Trail Running Shoe Mens



8.0 / 10

Value for Money           1.5

Durability                    1.5

Comfort                      1.7

Weight                        1.7

Support/Stability         1.6

Altra Timp Mens Shoe Review

The Altra Timp is not advertised as a hiking shoe but as a convert to trail runners for my hikes I was eager to try this shoe out. This was the second model of this brand that I had tried and I was interested to see if they were going to be any better that my much loved Altra Lone Peak 3.0. The main difference that I could tell from the specifications from Altra was that instead of having a 25mm stack height (the slab of rubber on the bottom of the foot) the Timp’s had a stack height of  29mm. This additional 4mm is not a lot but when you pound the ground like I do I appreciate lots of padding.  The other thing that you will notice with this shoe is that the lacing is offset rather than running down the centre of the shoes like just about every other shoe in the world does. I’m sure that there is a reason for this but Altra doesn’t make a big deal out it on their website and from my own personal experience I found that it felt a bit odd at first until I got used to it.

Now I must own up hear and say that I’m a fan of the ‘Zero drop’ (there is no difference between the hight of the footbed between the heel and the toes) shoes from Altra and if you haven’t worn this type of shoe before you will notice his feature as soon as you start walking in them. They may you feel like you are leaning back and it took me a couple of days to get used to them but I am now a convert even thought I wear other shoes at the moment (more on this late). Many people don’t like this zero drop feature and if you have an issue with Planter faciitis then I wouldn’t recommend them.

The shoe feel light to wear, they breathe well and dry out quickly when they get wet and they can be worn straight out of the box without having to add any inserts. One thing I discovered by accident with these shoes is that they also have a reflective patterning on them and if you wear these at night time they really do stand out when a torch beam shines on them (so no good for playing hide and seek at nighttime).

Now for the negatives. Usually before I do a final review on a model of shoe I wear them for a number of months and over many kilometres. While I did test this shoe out for around 200km, including one walk of 29km, I just couldn’t wear them for any extended period because of the fit. The issue I have is based around the shape of the shoe which for me isn’t compatible. The front end of these shoes had what’s described as a ‘foot shape’ which allows the toes plenty of room to breath and swell. The Altra Timp while having the wide toe box which is common to all Altra shoes also is a uniformly wide shape om front to back and this is my issue. My foot shape is almost ‘flipper like’ being very wide at the front and narrow at the back and this meant that I had too much space at the rear of the shoe that even a snug lacing system wasn’t going to fix.  I have exactly the same issue with the Keen Targee’s and find that this wide heel width creates a hot spot on the side of my heel which if I ignore generates a fairly large blister. So based on this fit issue this is a shoe that is unfortunately not for me.

Now while this shoe is not for me if you have a uniformly wide foot and like the zero drop concept then this is definitely an option worth looking at.

Please note that these shoes run slightly small. i usually wear a size 14 in most of my hiking shoes but I am now finding that the newer Altra models are now forcing me into size 15’s. So if buying online choose a store that offers good a good return policy and make sure that you try them out inside before taking them outside.

What we like

  • The Timp’s are very lightweight and they feel it. Definitely reduces the impact on the legs after long days hiking this makes a difference
  • I love zero drop shoes but realise that they don’t suit everyone. I find that I feel ‘more upright’ when I wear any of the Altra range
  • I like having a wide toe box, and in fact the front end of these shoes is brilliant
  • While I have only worn these shoes for around 200km they are lasting well and I would expect to get at least a 1000km out of them
  • The cushioning is good and on hard surfaces they provide ample protection and support
  • They traction is good on a variety of surfaces
  • They breathe well so your feet don’t overheat. They also dry reasonably quickly in warm weather when they get wet
  • The toe guard provides good protection for the front of the foot
  • The ‘Gaiter Trap’ works well with the lycra style gaiters

What we don't like

What I don’t like

  • While these shoes perform well on a variety of surface the one issue, which is a deal breaker for me, is that while these shoes are wide at the front (which I need) they are too wide at the back and create hot spots which start to turn into blisters

Would I use these shoes for hiking?

These shoes are sold trail runners but many hikers, including myself, use trail runners as their preferred hiking shoe. My foot is very wide at the front but narrow at the back so these shoes don’t fit me as well as I would like. If you do have a wide foot both at the back and at the front then this is a great choice and one that I would recommend

Best Use

  • Groomed trails that aren’t littered with rocks
  • For hikers with a wide width foot
  • Where you want good cushioning

Buy One

You can purchase the Altra Timp shoe at Wild Earth or Wildfire Sports

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Other Versions

  • Available in both Men’s and Womens sizings
  • Altra does a range of other shoes suitable for both hiking and trail running

Reflective patterning on the fabric of the Altra Timp. I didn’t realise that this was there until until I did a hike at night time

Altra Timp side and top view

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 sole view

The sole has held up well after 500 km of use that has included trail work as well as on bitumen and concrete. The traction hasn’t changed in this time

These shoes come with a ‘Gaiter Trap’ which is a fancy name for a velcro tab designed to suit the Altra Gaiters and will also work with the Dirty Girl Gaiters as well

Altra Timp toe guard provides good protection


This review was done with product purchased from a retail store by the reviewer

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