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What's a Podcast?

What is a Podcast?

While many people are familiar with podcasts, to some the term is an unknown. So what is a podcast?

The best way to think of a podcast is as ‘digital radio on demand’. You get to listen to a program of your choice, on a topic of your choice, at a time of your choosing and through your preferred technology e.g. your computer, a smart phone, or a tablet etc.

There are now over 700,000 different podcasts from which to choose but the exact number is anyone’s guess! Did you also know that the average podcast only lasts around 7 episodes! Australian Hiker has now published over 125 episodes!

Podcasts have the advantage over other types of electronic media in that you can be doing other activities such as driving to work, exercising, or even hiking while you are listening.

So how do you listen to the Australia Hiker podcast?

Listen Through our Website

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You can access the Australian hiker podcast through our website. You don’t need to subscribe. Our published episodes are listed below with a brief overview to help you decide if you are interested in a particular topic. Click on the links to take you to a specific episode and click on the ‘play’ icon – after a few seconds the episode will start playing (don’t forget to turn up the volume on your device).  This is a good option if you are working on you desktop computer at home. If you feel like listening ‘on the go’ look below for other options.

127-Dehydrated Food on the Trail

Start talking about food options for hiking and it’s amazing how quickly the conversation becomes heated as individuals passionately defend their preferred meal options and tell you why your choices are wrong. This is definitely a topic I try to avoid when at camp in the evening.

Having said that I do have my preferences and as much as I like cooking and eating well when I’m at home, I prefer to keep things simple when I’m on the trail. While my main meals tend to be freeze dried I also integrate dehydrated food into the mix.

This podcast discusses the pros and cons of using dehydrated food and provides a few suggestions for dehydrating.

126-Catching up with Tangles and Tail: September 2019

In this episode we catch up with Lucy Barnard from Tangles and Tail who is walking the length of the world from the bottom of South America to the top of North America. This 30,000 km journey will take her around 5-6 years to complete. It’s been over four months since we last talked with Lucy and we catch up with her in San Ignacio, Peru where she has a two day journey before she leaves Peru and enters Ecuador.

125-Choosing to bring on a hike

If you’re anything like me then you have more hiking gear the you are ever likely to use so how then do you decide what to bring on a hike? In many cases there is no one right answer when assembling a set of gear for your upcoming adventure and this this episode we look at considerations for making your choice.

124-Musicians on the Te Araroa

In this week’s episode we have something slightly different for you as we interview Mickey and Michelle about their upcoming journey on the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. This is one of the world’s premier long distance hiking trails starting at the top of the north island and finishing at the bottom of the South Island for a total distance of 3,000km.

123-Hume and Hovell Track-a premature end to a thruhike

What started out as a 19 day thru-hike has now been turned in to a section hike due to injury after completing 310km of this 426km trip. In this episode we discuss our last few days on the Hume and Hovell Track, our reasons for cutting the hike short, and where we go to from here. Rest assured there are plans in place to finish this trip off!

122-Hume and Hovell Track Week 2

In this weeks episode we continue with our Hume and Hovell on trail recordings and in this episode we bring you days 4-11

121-Hume and Hovell Track Week 1

In this weeks episode we listen to our on trail recordings of our first three days on the 426km Hume and Hovell Track. We will post over the next three weeks from the trail as signal availability allows

120-Choosing a camping site

I have memories of camping dating back over 40 years and in many cases these memories were positive ones that consisted of some amazing experiences shared with friends and family. On the other end of the scale there were also trips where things went horribly wrong because we chose bad sites to camp. In this episode we discuss things to consider when choosing a place to put you tent to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable nights sleep.

119-The John Muir Trail; interview with a thruhiker

In this week’s episode we talk with Blair Woodcock who recently completed a thru-hike of the 211 mile (340 km) USA based John Muir Trail. Many backpackers say this trail contains the finest mountain scenery in the United States, and runs (mostly in conjunction with the PCT) from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, in California. In this episode we provide an overview of one of the world’s most spectacular trails and hear a firsthand overview of what a thru hike was like.


118-Zen and the Art of Hiking

There are any number of reasons why we enjoy hiking; the flora and fauna, the majestic views, the little stuff, the big stuff. While there might be some common themes we all enjoy, there will also be some unique reasons for each of us which are likely to be different. In episode 010 we provided a broad overview of some of these reasons and this week in episode 118 we look at some of the more ‘spiritual reason’ (for want of a better phrase) behind why we hike.

117-Hume and Hovell Track: in the footsteps of explorers

Over the next month Gill and Tim from Australian Hiker will commence their end to end on the Hume and Hovell Track. This track, in the state of New South Wales (NSW), travels between the towns of Yass to the north and Albury to the south, for a distance of 426 km. In this episode we provide some background to one of Australia’s lesser known long distance trails, talk about some of the logistics involved, as well as our expectations for this trip.

Once we commence this trip we will be releasing regular social media posts as well as podcasts from the trail.

116-Choosing a Sleeping Mat

Your sleeping pad or mat can be the difference between a bad night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep.  But it is not as easy as grabbing the first pad you see. Navigating the range of brands and models can be confusing. In this episode we look at the things to consider in selecting a sleeping mat.

115-Outdoor Retailer Australia Show July 2019 Part 2

This episode is the second in this two part series from the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show which was held on 14-16 July 2019 at the Flemington Exhibition Pavilion at the Melbourne Showgrounds.  In this episode we talk with a further six companies on new and upcoming product. You can also listen to the previous episode, 114, in this series here.

114-Outdoor Retailer Australia Show July 2019 Part 1

The 2019 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show was held on 14-16 July 2019 at the Flemington Exhibition Pavillon at the Melbourne Showgrounds. This annual show is a chance for Australia’s outdoor wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their new and existing products to Australia’s outdoor retailers and allied media. This is the third year that Australian Hiker has attended this ‘trade only show’ as a media representative.

This year has been our biggest yet and we recorded 13 seperate interviews over the 2.5 days of the exhibition with the first seven of these interviews contained in this episode with the remainder to be released in episode 115 to be released in the following week.

From our discussions with the various suppliers at the show we will be undertaking a number of gear reviews over the upcoming year that will be of interest to you.

113-European Peace Walk- interview with Lexi Connors

In this weeks episode we talk to traveller and avid hiker Lexi Connors about her recent trip on the European Peace Walk Trail. This trail is relatively unknown but provides and alternative to the heavily used  Camino trails. In this episode we discuss the logistics, the ups and downs, and the highlights of this unique trail.

112-When is it time to quit a hike?

As a hiking blogger who is also interested in long distance hiking, quitting a hiker is always something in the back of my mind. However quitting a hike is not confined to long distance trails and can be a consideration on any hike. Sometimes calling it quits on a hike is just the sensible thing to do.

In this podcast we discuss some of the reasons that we may pull the pin on  hike.

111-Freeze Dried Food

Talking about hiking food can get you into a lot of trouble; everyone knows best, and their view is always the correct one! Its not quite in the same category as talking politics over Christmas lunch but it sometimes comes close. Everyone has their food preference and ours is freeze-dried food. In this podcast episode we’re going to discuss why that is.

110-Boots McFarland

The Boots McFarland hiking cartoon is the brainchild of Geolyn Carvin. In this episode we get a bit of background on Geolyn and ‘Boots’ and discuss how the creative process for this wonderful hiking cartoon comes about.

109-Environmentally Friendly Hiking

In this episode we discuss options for waste reduction and how we can care for the environment as hikers. Now before you switch off thinking we are going to take the moral high ground, be warned that while we are all about minimising our impact on the environment, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

108-Tangles and tail: an interview with Lucy Barnard

In this week’s episode we interview Lucy Bernard from Tangles and Tail as she attempts her journey from the southern-most point of South America to the northern-most point in Alaska. This is an epic journey, almost solely by foot, covering around 30,000 km in distance. In this episode, we find out a bit about Lucy (Tangles) and Wombat – the ‘Tail’ member of her team, the reason behind her trip, the logistical issues surrounding such a massive undertaking, and how her journey has gone so far.

This is an episode not to miss!

107-Fire and Hiking

Fire is one of those things to which we all seem to be drawn. It warms us when we’re cold, it was the main method of cooking since cooking began and for whatever reason it creates an emotive reaction in most of us – we can just sit and watch it for hours on end. On the flip side fire can be extremely dangerous causing massive damage to the environment, to property and occasionally loss of life. In this episode we discuss fire and hiking looking at the do’s and don’ts to help you create the best experience when dealing with fire on the trail.

106-How much does it cost to hike?

Pick any activity that you do and no matter what it is there are costs associated with it; hiking is no different. Costs for gearing up and for undertaking trips can be almost negligible but at the opposite end of the scale they can also add up costing many thousands of dollars. Where you sit on this budgetary scale very much depends to a great extent on your personal preference but also on the type of hikes that you are doing. In this podcast we discuss options for getting on the trail and look at where you should be targeting your funds to get the best bang for your buck.

105-Kiandra to Tharwa; a taste of the Australian Alps

Over three days in Easter 2019 I walked the 112km from Kiandra in the Snowy Mountains to Tharwa (a section of the Australian Alps Walking Track). Doing an extreme walk is one of the annual challenges I set myself and this one was also a learning opportunity to do some pre-planning for a planned thru hike of this alpine trail.

This podcast contains a series of recordings over the three days and describes what I was seeing and how I was feeling; I learnt some hard lessons on this hike.

104-The History of Australian National Parks

If you live in Australia, or for that matter many other countries in the world, then you will be familiar with with the concept of National Parks. In fact many of the walks that we do as hikers around this country are to be found in National Parks. But what are they and how did they come about? In this podcast we provide a brief overview of the history of National Parks what they mean from an Australian perspective.

103-One Man’s Climb-Interview with Adrian Hayes

In this episode we go beyond the realms of this hiking podcast and are talking with British adventurer, and author, Adrian Hayes about his latest book ‘One Man’s Climb’ which details his account of his first unsuccessful attempt to summit K2, the worlds second highest mountain, also known as the ‘mountaineers mountain’, or the ‘Savage mountain’ in 2013 and his subsequent successful attempt in 2014.

You may never aspire to summiting K2 but Adrian has some key takeaways that are applicable to anyone who is thinking of putting themselves outside their comfort zone to achieve there goals.

102-Mind, Body, and Soul; the health benefits of hiking

As long as the humans have been around we have been looking at ways of improving our lives. But with this improved lifestyle we are progressively becoming a less fit, fatter, more sedentary population, that spends little time exerting any energy. So while our average lifespan is now at its longest our fitness hasn’t necessarily improved and this is where hiking comes in. Hiking gets us into the bush and has many positive impacts; physical ,emotional, and mental, and that’s what we will be discussing in todays episode.

101-Packing your fears

‘Packing your fears’ is a way of saying you are carrying items in your pack based on your worries or fears; your worst case scenario. In today’s episode we discuss how to overcome these this tendency to overpack.

100-Trail Design

Have you ever thought about how the trails that we know and love so much come to be? The design and construction of modern day hiking trails is a complex and time consuming process and if done right the trail will appear as if it’s always existed.

In this episode we interview the Project Manager, and the Architect, for the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail to find out what’s involved in bringing a new trail online.

099-Hiking at Altitude

Ever wanted to hike Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, or the Andes? One of the major considerations on these hikes is the impact of Altitude Sickness which can become very serious; in fact it can sometimes have lethal impacts. In this episode we discuss ways of mitigating the impacts of high altitude on hikes to ensure that we get the best out of our experience.

098-Coffee on the Trail

Drinking coffee when you’re out hiking is a quandary. Do you put up with bad coffee just because you’re away from your fancy machine, or do you give it up until you are back home? Well maybe you don’t have too. This episode discusses options for making coffee on the trail from the ‘just Ok’ to the ‘this is pretty dam good’. We also discuss  coffee alternatives if you want your caffeine fix without the hassle of making coffee.

097-Q & A (Hiker Questions)

We thought that we would try something a bit different and in this episode we are answering a series of questions asked by our listeners.

096-The Aussie 10 (Highest Peaks)

Each year over the Christmas holidays Gill and I undertake a multi-day walk. Over Christmas in 2018 we decided to do the Aussie 10 Walk. This walk, located in the Australian Alps in the state of New South Wales, takes in Australia’s 10 highest peaks. This isn’t a formal trail but rather a route based on the well known Main Range Track. This episode consists of a series of recordings undertaken over our 2.5 day journey along with some added explanitory commentary post trip.

095-Transitioning to Multi Day Hikes

One of the biggest transitions that most hikers make is shifting from day hiking to overnight hiking. Learning how to camp overnight, cooking meals and go to the bathroom in the bush are all skills that we had to learn at some stage which may have seemed a bit daunting at the time. Transitioning from just a night or two to multi-day trips brings a whole new set of considerations that can seems just as daunting. This podcasts discusses the main considerations for multi-day hiking and hopefully will provide you with some background if you are considering taking this next step.

094-Night Hiking

So, you’ve been hiking for a while and are looking for something a bit different to mix it up a bit; maybe a new trail, or a new location. But what if instead all you need is a new way to view that tired old trail you’ve been hiking for a while? And that’s where night hiking comes in. This podcast discusses the pros and cons of hiking at night as well as the factors that need to be considered to ensure we do it as safely as possible.

093-First Hike Project

The First Hike Project is an organisation that takes newly arrived immigrant and refugee kids and introduces them to the Australian Bush. Originally the First Hike Project originated in Perth and has now spread to a number of cities around Australia.

In this episode we talk to the Coordinator of the Canberra chapter of the First Hike Project as well as one of the participants about their experiences.

092-Media Review

This podcast episode reviews some of the most well known hiking/outdoor movies of all time and where available compares them the books. If you are into the outdoors and haven’t seen these movies then add them to your must see list.

091-Impacts of Long Distance Hiking

hinking of doing a long distance multi-week hike? This podcast episode discusses the physical and mental impacts of undertaking a thru hike including some considerations that you may not have even thought of.

090-Big Agnes Tents

In this weeks episode we talk to the store manager at well known southern Queensland outdoor store, Wild Earth on Big Agnes tents. The episode showcases three of the newer tents in the range.

089-Eye Care and Hiking

If you ask most people what is their most important sense ‘sight’ is usually the one that they will name. But just how much thought do we put into looking after our eyes when we head out on the trail?  This episode discusses the basics of eye care and what we should be doing to care for our eyes out on the trail.

088- The Great South Coast Walk

The Great South Coast Walk can best be described as Australia’s greatest coastal walk that very few people have heard of. This walk starts on the outskirts of Sydney at Bundeena, NSW, and winds its way south finishing 660km later in the Victorian town of Mallacoota. In this episode we interview David Briese, one of the instigators of this walk and find out what’s so special.

087-Christmas Gift Ideas for Hikers 2018

It’s that time of the year again when you start to look for presents for that hiking fanatic in your life; or maybe its you. Shhhh we won’t tell anyone. Last year in episode 47 we discussed alternative hiking gifts that carry a lot more sentiment without the commercial crassness as well as identifying some commercial options.

This year we focus on the best and brightest that most hikers would be glad to find under the tree ranging from the inexpensive to the grand gesture. Have a listen to see if you can pick up any ideas.

086-Australian Hiker 2nd Birthday

On 11 November 2018 Australian Hiker celebrated its second birthday. This episode is a reflection on our past year and where we are heading into the future. Gill and I would like to thank all our friends and supporters for helping us to greatly exceeded our expectations; we couldn’t have done so without you.

085-Australia’s iconic Hiking Trails

This podcast discusses seven Iconic Australian hiking trails under 150km in length that have so much to offer that they are known world wide. Whether it’s the desert, mountains, lush foliage, or views there’s just something about them that sets them apart, giving them an Iconic status.

084-Hiking in Hot Weather

The hot weather is fast approaching and with it the need to put a bit more thought into keeping ourselves happy and safe on the trail. This podcast discusses tips for hiking during conditions of hot weather and while we usually think of summertime where you are hiking in extreme heat, hot weather hiking can be a year round issue.

083-Care and Maintenance of Hiking Equipment

For many hikers care and maintenance of their equipment is limited to the occasional clean and maybe some hole patching but we can be doing so much more to extend the life of our gear and in the process making our hikes that much more enjoyable.

This podcast discusses the basics of gear care and maintenance including how often we should be maintaining our gear.

084-Hiking in Hot Weather

The hot weather is fast approaching and with it the need to put a bit more thought into what were doing to keep ourselves happy and safe on the trail. This podcast discusses tips for hiking during conditions of hot weather and while we usually think of summertime where you are hiking in extreme heat, hot weather hiking can be a year round issue.

083-Care and Maintenance of Hiking Equipment

For many hikers care and maintenance of their equipment is limited to the occasional clean and maybe some hole patching but we can be doing so much more to extend the life of our gear and in the process making our hikes that much more enjoyable.

This podcast discusses the basics of gear care and maintenance including how often we should be maintaining our gear.

082-Bibbulmun Track gear wrap up

In this episode we briefly discuss the key pieces of equipment that I used on my recent Bibbulmun Track Journey and provide a broad overview of my reasons for choosing it. A downloadable list of my multi-day hiking equipment is now available on the show notes for this podcast (episode 82)on the Australian Hiker website.

081-Bibbulmun Track Reality vs expectations

In this episode we review Tim’s recent Bibbulmun Track hike showcased in episodes 76-80 to discuss how the reality of the hike compared to the expectations prior to starting.

080-Week 5 Bibbulmun Track 2018

This is the final episode of ontrail podcasts on Tim’s 2018 Bibbulmun Track hike. Listen to this podcast as Tim travels from Dwellingup to Kalamunda to complete his 36 day, 1000km trip.

Over the next two weeks I will be releasing two final podcasts to wrap up this trip as well as uploading two written articles so keep an eye out!

079-Week 4 Bibbulmun Track 2018

Week four is now over, just a short one with a four day trip from Collie to Dwellingup. In this episode we discuss people’s perceptions on the trail and how this will differ depending on the context. We then go on to briefly discuss the trail amenities prior to our regular recordings and on trail interviews.

078-Week 3 Bibbulmun Track 2018

Week three of my Bibbulmun Track journey and our longest ever podcast due to 8 days worth of podcasting as I undertake the biggest week of the trip.

In this episode I discuss my typical days and how I make decisions about what I will be doing as well as a series of recordings including interviews of my trip over this period between Pemberton and Collie covering a distance of approximately 250km.

077-Week 2 Bibbulmun Track 2018

At the end of the second week I have reached Pemberton which means that 40% of the trail is done. I’m actually a day ahead of schedule but am not taking that for granted and now have seven days up my sleeve.

In this episode I discuss the camp infrastructure as well as my journey from Walpole to Pemberton.

076-Week 1 Bibbulmun Track 2018

On 9 August 2018 I started my journey on One of Australia’s premiere long distance hiking trails, the Bibbulmun Track. Travelling 1000km between Albany and Perth. This podcast provides an overview of a typical week on the trail completing 210km and travelling between Albany Andrew Walpole. Listen to what I and other hikers go through in what has been some extremely taxing conditions.

Over the next 4-5 weeks I will focus on different aspects of this journey to provide you with an overview on what to expect and to hopefully encourage you to consider hiking this amazing trail.

075-Bibbulmun Track here I come

In this episode we will be discussing my expectations, my apprehensions, and my hopes for my upcoming Bibbulmun Track thru hike which I start on 9 August 2018 in what is forecast to be heavy rains. Tomorrow I spend the day on planes heading to the trail head in Western Australia.

Over the coming weeks I will be walking my way back to Perth and as part of the experience I will be recording a weekly podcast. I will also be interviewing other hikers doing the track as a thru hike, known as an ‘end to end’ on the Bibbulmun, as well as those doing shorter sections to hear how they are going and what they think of the track. So if you thinking about doing this walk listen over the next 6+ weeks to the ‘on trail episodes’ as well as the round up episodes at the end once I am home.

I hope that you will follow my journey and If you have any questions please send me an email or a message and I will endeavour to respond, although it may take me a little while.

074-An interview with the Bibbulmun Track Foundation

The Bibbulmun Track is one of Australia’s premiere long trails stretching 1000km (621miles) from Kalamunda on the outskirts of Perth to Albany on the southern western Australian coast. Given the distance covered there is a wide variety of ecosystems represented on the trail from coastal sections in the south through constantly changing forests that highlight some of Australia’s most spectacular flora and fauna.

In this episode we will be talking to Steve Sertis from the Bibbulmun Track Foundation about how the track came about, the role of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation, and some key takeaways on hiking this spectacular trail.

073-Journey towards ultralight hiking revisited

In episode 002 of the Australian Hiker podcast we discussed the concept of ultralight hiking and my goal to greatly lighten my load from my ‘traditional’ heavy gear. It’s now been 18 months since we released that podcast and in this episode we revisit this journey just prior to me commencing a 1000km/ 5-6 week hike on the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia to see how I have gone.

072-Getting fit for hiking

Whatever type of hiking that you do being fit will ensure that you enjoy what you are doing in addition to keeping happy and healthy on the trail. But what does being fit for hiking mean? This episode provides a brief introduction to hiking fitness and identifies the key aspects that you need to consider.

071-Planning a long distance hike

Planning a long distance hike is really no difference from a shorter hike, isn’t it? In theory the concepts are the same but in reality there are a number of other factors that come into consideration. In this episode I will use my upcoming thru hike of the Bibbulmun Track (1,000km) in Western Australia to provide a broad guide to what you should consider when planning a long distance hike.

Once I have finished my journey towards the end of September I will report back on how I went including how well my planning did, or didn’t, pay off.

070 – Outdoor Retailer Australia Show-June 2018 part 2

The 2018 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show was held on 17-19 June 2018 at the Moore Park Exhibition Centre in Sydney. This annual show is a chance for Australia’s outdoor wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their new and existing products to Australia’s outdoor retailers and allied media (Trade only). For the second year in a row Australian Hiker was lucky enough to attend this as a media representative. Even as a card carrying gear freak I was amazed as some of the new product coming onto the Australian market over the coming year.

069-Outdoor Retailer Show Australia 2018; part 1

The 2018 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show was held on 17-19 June 2018 at the Moore Park Exhibition Centre in Sydney. This annual show is a chance for Australia’s outdoor wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their new and existing products to Australia’s outdoor retailers and allied media. Part 2 will be released on 27 June 2018.

068-Weather and hiking

Every time we head out into the bush for the day the one factor that we must deal with on every hike is the weather. Good or bad, the weather can make or break a hike and if we fail to pay attention to extreme weather conditions it can also present safety concerns.

This podcast discusses factors to consider when planning your hike as well as what to look for during the hike itself.

To view this podcast as a written article go here

067-Hike Your Own Hike

In episode 067 of the Australian Hiker podcast we discuss the concept of Hike Your Own Hike (HYOH). Each of us enjoys hiking in a way that is unique to us and when we vary from this pattern the enjoyment can drop off. What does HYOH mean for you?

066-Technology on the trail-staying in touch with family and friends

In episode 066 of the Australian Hiker podcast we discussTechnology on the Trail, specifically options for staying in touch with family and friends at home while on a hike. This topic is one that I have been thinking on for well over a year as I decide what I will use for my own Bibbulmun Track though hike later this year when I will be out of cellular range on a number of days on my 5-6 week hike.

065-99 Days to go…..

After 2.5 years in the planning I’m happy to announce I will be doing my first long distance Australian thru hike, and first thru hike, the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. This 1003km (623 miles) track runs from Albany on the Southern Western Australian coast at one end to Perth at the other end.

064-Australia’s Long Distance Hiking Trails

While many hikers, and non hikers may be aware of trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail in the USA, or the Camino de Santiago in Spain you may not be aware that Australia has its own long trails. While they may not have the same international media profile (yet) they are progressively making a name for themselves and gaining in popularity.

This podcast episode provides an overview of some of Australia’s better known long distance hiking and multi-use trails (cyclists, horse riders and hikers) over 200km in length.

063-Personal maintenance on the trail

This week we will be talking to Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi from Canberra Fitness Centre about the physical maintenance that we as hikers SHOULD be doing each day on the trail to ensure we maintain our fitness and reduce injuries, something that many hikers take for granted at best, or more typically don’t do at all.

062-Personal safety on the trail

For new hikers it seems like there is so much to worry about. Getting lost, snakes and will you be warm enough are just some of the issues that can all be managed reasonably easily with a bit of practice and development of on-trail skills.

For many new hikers their biggest concern is one of personal safety. How safe will you be when out hiking and do I have to worry about my car at the trail head.  This episode discusses these issues and offers some suggestions for minimising personal safety risks on the trail.

061-Hygiene on the trail

Personal hygiene is one of those practices that we are all taught early in life; wash your hands, bathe on a regular basis, and always wear clean underwear. We are used to doing these things in our day to day life and the same rules apply in the bush that apply at home surrounding personal hygiene if we want to ensure that we have a trouble free adventure. However when we go bush we loose all the modern conveniences and with them the flexibility we have at home and have to adjust how we do things. Most practices that relate to hygiene are based around common sense but why then do so many people ignore them when they hike? This article discusses the hygiene basics nessesary to ensure that we have a healthy enjoyable hike.  Alternatively you can read the written version of this podcast here.

060-Happy Feet

Issues with feet and lower limbs tend to be a problem that plagues all hikers at one time or another. These issues can be relatively minor and annoying on short hikes and crippling on longer more difficult hikers. Either way they stop us from enjoying our outdoor adventures.

In this podcast episode I talk with Canberra based Podiatrist Matthew Hotchkis from Podiatry Professionals about some of the more common lower limb issues that can cause problems for hikers and discuss ways to minimise their impact as well as prevention and treatment.


The best way to describe Geocaching is as treasure hunting with a GPS/smartphone. Sometimes the kids, or you for that matter, just need  that extra little incentive to get outdoors and go hiking and what better incentive than to go treasure hunting!

This podcast provides a basic overview to help get you into Geocaching and hopefully outside more often if you really need an excuse.

058- Navigation on the Trail: an introduction to maps and compasses

The level of navigation skills that you will need as a hiker will vary with the complexity of the walks that you do. If you never leave well marked trails the skill requirement you need, may, but not necessarily, be minimal. The advent of mobile phone apps, as well as the availability of high quality consumer level GPS including some watches has changed hiking forever. Gone are the days when you had no choice but to use a map and compass however having a good grounding in their use should be something we all aspire to.

This podcast episode provides a basic overview of map and compass use that will hopefully add your you kill level as a hiker and inspire you to learn more. To get the most out of this podcast follow along with the written version which has the related images.

057-Nutrition on the trail-Interview with FEED Inc

For most hikers feeding themselves on short camping and hiking trips, even for a few days, is something that we can easily manage without too much problem. But what happens when we undertake big excursions ranging from strenuous single day trips to multi-week trips. In this podcast episode I talk with Canberra based nutritionist and dietician, Lisa Donaldson from FEED Inc about nutrition on the trail and what we can do to look after ourselves.

056-How to pack a backpack; a beginners guide

If you have been hiking for a while then chances are you already know how to correctly pack your backpack; but maybe you don’t. In fact there really is no one ‘correct’ way but rather a series of principles that you apply to achieve the best outcome for you as an individual. This podcast discusses these principles and will hopefully provide you with enough knowledge to successfully assemble your pack in a way that is comfortable and workable for you.

055-A weekend on the Main Range

In January 2018 I spent two days in the Kosciuszko National Park (NSW) hiking the Main Range Walk as well as undertaking the Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk, both starting at Charlotte Pass.  These two days of hiking also involved a nights camping on Mt Kosciuszko. This Episode is designed to give you an idea of what to expect when hiking in this amazing area.

054-The future of hiking

In this episode we look at where the future of hiking appears to be heading. We discuss trends as they relate to hikers, changes we are likely to see in trail design and use, the impacts of social media on the trail, notable gear trends and the use of technology on the trail, both good and bad.

053-Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail; Expectations vs reality

  • Our final episodes in our Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail series. In this episode we revisit our initial expectations of this trip and compare them to the reality of the trail. In addition we  discuss the good and bad points of the trail and make some suggestions for those of you looking at doing this trip.

052-Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail; Interviews from the trail

  • This is the second of our ‘on trail’ podcasts recorded while undertaking our recent Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail (KIWT) trip. This episode consists of four interviews with hikers, service providers, and the Southern Australian Parks Service and is designed to provide a different perspective on this wonderful trail.

051-Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail-A day on the trail

  • This is the first of three podcast episodes on this trail and consists of a series of recordings on a typical day on the trail to give you an idea of what to expect.

050-Food on the trail, a beginners guide

  • When you first start doing longer hikes its not just the gear that you have to think about.What about the food! This episode is aimed at providing an introduction to food considerations for newer hikers who just want to make things easy.

049-Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail here we come! Our expectations

  • Gill and I have a break between Christmas and New Year and along with our friend Kelly we will be hiking the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail which is located not far from the mainland in South Australia. This five day, four night trip is approximately 61km (without any add ons). We tried to do this trail earlier this year and didn’t book early enough.Lesson learnt.This episode is an overview of what we are expecting but no doubt reality will be different. As usual we will be recording on the trail and publishing out trip podcasts in January 2018.

048-Choosing a tent for hiking

  • If you belong to just about any online hiking forum one of the most commonly discussed topics that you will see posted is ‘what sort of tent should I buy?’ Unfortunately there is no one answer to this question and really what you end up choosing will depend on a range of factors that is most cases are unique to you. This episode discusses the key considerations in choosing a tent for hiking.

047-Christmas gift ideas for hikers

  • With Christmas approaching it is an ideal time to buy new gear with many manufacturers clearing soon to be superseded products in anticipation of the release of new models. It’s also a great time to convince family members and loved ones of the benefits of hiking and start leaving gear brochures turned to the right page in strategic places around the house. If you are buying presents for a hiking fanatic then this episode provides some options worth considering

046-Australian Hiker 1st Birthday

  • On 11 November 2017 Australia Hiker celebrated its first birthday. This episodes is a review on what we have achieved and a teaser on where we are heading in 2018

045- Women in hiking; interviews 

  • This episode follows on from episode 44 and provides two interviews from female hikers on how they have found their time on the trail.

044-Women in hiking

  • A lot is written about the different needs of women and men but when it comes to hiking, are the considerations for women that different to those of men? This podcast episode discusses issues relevant to women on the trail and offers hints, tips and suggestions that will hopefully help to answer questions that you may have.

043-How to choose and fit a backpack

  • This podcast episode discusses considerations for choosing an appropriate pack as well as goes though the correct fitting process.

042 – Snakes,Ticks and spiders on the trail 

  • For most new hikers snakes are are our biggest worries but we also have to contend with other smaller potential dangers such as the odd poisonous spider as well as ticks that are present in certain areas of the country. This episode discusses what you need to know about each of these potential dangers, how to avoid them and what to do if you are bitten on the trail.

041 – Hiking with Kids: Part 2 Interviews from the trail

  • Part 2 on the Hiking with Children episode. This episode consists of a series of interviews from the trail as we take our niece and her two young sons, aged 6 and 9 on their first overnight hiking trip

040 – Hiking with Kids: Part 1

  • Part 1 of  two parts on Hiking with Children. Episode 040 discusses the theory side of Hiking with Children. Hiking is a fantastic past time and one that can be enjoyed by all ages and fitness levels. Those of you who have lots of hiking experience will want your younger family members to enjoy the same experiences you have when out on the trail. Others may not have much hiking experience – just a house full of energetic young people and you want to get them outdoors to channel all that energy.
    • The written version of this podcast can be found here 

039 – Interview with Bushwalk the ‘Gong

  • In the September 2017 Australian Hiker Bonus episode we interview Jenae from Bushwalk the ‘Gong. Jenae definitely has a passion for hiking which shows through in this interview and which led to her starting Bushwalk the ‘Gong in 2016 as a hobby, taking her love of nature, hiking and photography into the public realm. She says this was to ‘the relief of her social media friends’ who were the recipients of ‘yet another bushwalking photo’. Jenae has built Bushwalk the ‘Gong to be a household name in the region. Recently she formed a partnership with the National Parks Association – Illawarra Branch​ and offers guided local walks in an attempt to reconnect people to the spectacular natural environment that is on offer in the Illawarra region. Bushwalk the ‘Gong is a go-to resource providing overviews of local trails along with awe-inspiring photos.

038 – The 10 Essentials: How relevant are they?

  • This episode looks at The 10 Essentials. What they are, are applicable to Australian conditions, and should you take a more tailored approach? In this podcast I also share my 10 essentials list with you to give you an idea of what I carry.
    • The written version of this podcast can be found here 

037 – Hiking for Beginners: 10 tips to get you started

  • Many of you who listen to our podcasts are experienced hikers just looking for their next fix as they eagerly await an opportunity to go for another hike. Others are new to hiking, or have yet to start, and are slowly building up the confidence and knowledge to set out on their own. This podcast is aimed squarely at this second group; beginner hikers. Be warned the learning never stops and hiking can become addictive! Prefer to read instead of listen? The written version of this podcast can be found here

036 – Interview with John Feeney from the Hiking Society

  • In this August 2017 Australian Hiker Bonus episode we interview John Feeney who is the founder and creator of Melbourne based Hiking Society. The Hiking Society is a blog that provides hikers with up-to-date information and tips on hiking and camping, as well as showcasing trails and camping spots in Australia. John founded the Hiking Society in July 2016 after a couple of years of intense hiking with the aim of sharing his thoughts on tracks, gear and hiking in general – his goal is to get people outdoors. The Hiking Society has now grown to include a meet-up group providing opportunities for regular guided experiences for hikers. The meet-up group helps hikers build their confidence and ability as well as connecting hikers with like-minded individuals. As if John didn’t have enough to do, last year he and his brother also took on the online gear brand of Globewalker. In this episode we discuss with John his vision for the Hiking Society and the Globewalker brand and how it can help hikers get involved.

035 – Which Light for Hiking

  • At some stage many of us will choose to transition from day hiking to overnight hiking and apart from considerations such as weather, food and site selection, we also need to consider equipment aspects including some form of lighting otherwise we are going to be travelling in the dark….literally. So what to choose? Handheld, head torch or lantern? This episode discusses lighting options for overnight hiking including the pros and cons of the different types available. The written version of this podcast can be found here

034 – 10 Tips for Hiking in the Rain

  • When most of us first started hiking the common factor as a newbie, almost without fail, was we usually only hiked in good weather. Hiking in wet or rainy conditions is a skill that we progressively learn and often come to relish when the conditions are right and we have planned appropriately. This episode discusses Ten Tips for Hiking in the Rain that can make your wet weather experience much more enjoyable. The written version of this podcast can be found here

033 – First Aid on the Trail

  • Worrying about accidents or safety is not something we really want to do every time we go hiking but it is crucial to put some thought into it and as the saying goes ‘plan for the worst and hope for the best’. In this episode we discuss the best way to prevent accidents, provide an example of a typical first aid kit for hiking, and discuss the skills needed to keep us safe on the trail.
    • The written version of this podcast can be found here
    • The links to download the Emergency + Smart Phone App can be found here 
    • The link to more information on Personal Locator Beacons is here

032 – Interview with Fitness Guru Joe Bonington from Joe’s Basecamp

  • In this July 2017 Bonus episode we talk to Joe Bonington, from Joe’s Basecamp in Sydney. Hiking is not just about equipment, you also need a degree of fitness to ensure you get the best out of your planned adventure. We were lucky enough to interview Joe and talk with him on what you need to do to prepare, fitness wise, for your hikes and other outdoor adventures. You can easily hear Joe’s passion for helping his clients come through in the interview and we both left his facility feeling invigorated and we didn’t even do any exercise!

031 – Water on the Trail Part 2-Filtration

  • In episode 029 we talked about carrying water on the trail but sometimes that’s just not enough; we also need to think about the quality of what we are drinking. At best poor quality water will taste revolting, at worst it can cause a range of both minor and major waterborne ailments ranging from the uncomfortable to the life threatening. Do you filter your water?

030 – Outdoor Retailer Australia Show-June 2017

  • The 2017 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show was held on 18-20 June 2017 at the Moore Park Exhibition Centre in Sydney. This annual show is a chance for Australia’s outdoor wholesalers to showcase their new and existing products to Australia’s outdoor retailers and allied media. Australian Hiker was lucky enough to attend this show for the first time and to take a sneak peak at some great new products to hit the market in the upcoming months. As first time show attendees Gill and I weren’t sure what to expect so we only allowed Sunday to wander around the two large halls. We soon realised we could have done with much more time, even with just focusing on the hiking related products. In the end, we interviewed six companies we thought would be of interest to our podcast listeners. The companies interviewed for this episode are:

029 – Water and Hiking: How much and how to carry

  • Regardless of the gear we do or don’t carry and the passionate arguments about which is the best thingamajig, the one thing you can guarantee is that in every hiker’s pack there is water. Water is essential to our wellbeing and without it we can’t survive. This episode looks at how much water you should carry and the carrying options.

028 – Layering for Comfort

  • As we grow in experience as hikers we start to gain an understanding of our equipment, how it works, or how it doesn’t, and this includes our hiking clothing. Over a series of hikes you’ll learn to read your body’s requirements and which pieces of clothing go together to form a ‘layering system’ that will keep you comfortable no matter what the conditions. This podcast starts by looking at what a layering system is, discusses the common layers, and looks at what goes into making up a layering system using examples from our own experience based on three-season hiking.

027 – Transitioning to Overnight Hiking; on the Trail

  • This podcast episode follows on from episode 026 which provided a step by step guide to your first overnight hike and provided a real-time example of an overnight trip and what to expect by using the Northern Campground Trail review as an example. While this is a Canberra-based site, the information in this podcast and its associated links can be used as a guide and translated to other sites. This podcast episode is aimed at hikers making the transition to overnight hikes from day hikes and is linked to the written article with images.

026 – Transitioning to Overnight Hiking; Step by Step

  • So you’ve been doing day walks for a while now. You enjoy them but you feel that you are missing out. Your friends keep on raving about longer trips they’ve done but you’re not sure you are up for the change to overnight trips. This podcast episode is aimed at hikers making the transition to overnight hiking from single day hikes.
    • This podcast is linked to the written article with images, as well as to Australian Hiker Podcast episode #27 where we talk you through a trip suitable for first timers in real-time by using the Northern Campground Trail review as an example. While this is a Canberra-based site, the information in the podcast and its associated links can be used as a guide and translated to your location.

025 – Which backpacking stove?

  • Sometimes on overnight trips and longer day trips you just want a hot meal or drink to warm you up. With so many options available to us it is difficult to know what is best for you. This episode looks at the types of stoves suitable for backpacking, discusses the pros and cons of each type before suggesting what to consider in selecting the right stove to suit your needs.

024 – Technology on the Trail: Part 1 – Personal Locator Beacons

  • The use of technology on the trail is a controversial topic that can generate heated conversations over the advantages and disadvantages of different technology as well as the impact on the hiking experience in general. This episode looks at the use of Personal Locator Beacons on the trail and reviews one of Australia’s most popular devices currently available.

023 – Trail Etiquette

  • Like any pastime there are a number of rules of behaviour that help make the experience better for all participants. Unlike driving on the road, these rules aren’t taught in any formal manner rather new hikers are somehow expected to absorb them from the ‘ether’. This works well if you are hiking in groups where you can observe more experienced hikers but this is not always possible. This episode discusses the commonly accepted ‘rules of the road’ for hiking to help you get the best out of your time on the trail.

022 – The Overland Track – Interviews from the Trail

  • This episode includes a series of interviews we did with other hikers on the Overland Track and provides diverse perspectives of what the track is like.  If you are interested in listening to the full set of Overland Track Podcasts follow the links below: Episode 018 – The Overland Track – Expectations vs Reality is available through our website, through Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. This episode discusses our expectations of the trip and what happened in reality.Episode 020 – The Overland Track – A Day on the Trail is available through our website, through Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. This episode is a series of recordings from a typical day on the trail.
    • You can also read the trail review which has additional information at the link Overland Track 

021 – Trekking Poles: are they worth it?

  • This episode discusses the use of trekking poles for hiking including:
    • The benefits
    • The downside
    • How to identify the correct tracking pole length
    • Choosing a tracking pole
    • Pole maintenance.
    • View the full written article at this link.

020 – The Overland Track – A Day on the Trail

  • Have you ever wondered what a typical day on the Overland Track is like? In this second of three podcasts on the Overland Track we share a series of recordings from a typical day on the trail, providing additional commentary as we go on the things we are seeing, doing and experiencing.

019 – The Sleep System: getting a good nights sleep

This episode provides information to guide your choices on selecting your full sleeping system.

  • The sleeping bag:
    • Sleeping bag comparison rating (EN13537 standard)
    • Down v synthetic
    • Sleeping bag shapes
    • Zip styles
  • The sleeping pad
    • R ratings
    • Types
  •  The clothes you wear to bed. In this episode we also focus on the sleep system needed for a good nights sleep on the trail. Choose the correct system and you’ll have a warm and comfortable sleep, night after night. Choose the wrong system and you will be miserable at best and at worst it may be dangerous depending on the conditions.
  • Alternatively you can read the written version of this podcast here

018 – The Overland Track – Expectations v Reality

  • This is the first of three bonus episodes for our recent Overland Track trip in Tasmania. The trip is one of the most well known hiking trails in Tasmania and one of the most popular. This episode starts with a brief overview of the trail before discussing our expectations prior to undertaking the trip and comparing them to the reality of what we found on the trail.

017 – Solo Hiking; is 1 better than 2?

  • Ever thought about doing a solo hike? In this episode we discuss solo hiking. We look at the differences between solo and group hiking, the pros and cons of hiking by yourself, and what additional skills you need when traveling solo. We also discuss times when you shouldn’t solo hike.
    • The written version of this podcast can be found here

016 – Canberra Centenary Trail – Bonus Episode Part 2 of 2

  • This is part 2 of the two part bonus podcast for February 2017 on my recent trip on the 145 km (90 Miles) Canberra Centenary Trail. This is Canberra’s longest walk and is designed as a shared walking and cycling trail to showcase the best of Canberra’s natural scenic and historic views. In addition to finalising the on-trail recordings for this trip we provide a review of this trail and discuss what I discovered about myself as a hiker from this extreme trip.

015 – Canberra Centenary Trail – Bonus Episode Part 1 of 2

  • The Canberra Centenary Trail is Canberra’s longest walk at 145 km (90 Miles) and is designed as a shared walking and cycling trail to showcase the best of Canberra’s natural scenic and historic views. This is the first of two bonus on-trail episodes on my Canberra Centenary Trail walk undertaken 26-28 January 2017.

014 – Cameras: Equipment basics to improve your photography

013 – 10 Basic Photography Tips for Hikers

  • This is the first part of our two part episode on photography of hikers. In the first segment of this episode we discuss ten tips to improve your photography on the  trail. These basic tips are easy to implement and have helped me get some great shots over the years.
  • We then review two pieces of photography equipment; the Sony RX100 mark 1 compact camera, which is a high quality compact camera at a reasonably affordable price and the Stick Pic Selfie adaptor that allows you to turn your trekking poles into a selfie stick. The Stick Pic can be purchased at 

012 – Mt Bimberi – From The Trail

  • The second episode for the year and our bonus episode for January 2017. This episode is a series of recordings from a one day, 53 km hike I did just before Christmas 2016 to Mt Bimberi located south of Canberra. For me, this hike was mainly about testing my limits and abilities to aid in some planning for both short term and longer hikes I am planning over the next few years. This hike is extreme for most people so listen to this as a ‘three day hike’ and it will provide an overview of one of Canberra’s most rewarding multiday hikes.
  • The written version of the podcast discusses this hike as it is done by most people as a three day walk.

011 – When Couples Hike

  • In the first segment of this episode we discuss the benefits and pitfalls of hiking as a couple. While I like solo hiking, I also enjoy hiking with my partner, however there are some things to consider to ensure that all goes well particularly on longer hikes.
    • For the written version of this article go to When Couples Hike.
    • In the second segment we review the Organic Jerky Co beef jerky. This is without a doubt the best jerky I have come across in Australia and one that I use regularly particularly on my longer hikes. For the written version of this review go to Organic Jerky Co. Beef Jerky Review. This product can be found at the Organic Jerky Co website.

010 – Why do we Hike?

009 – Spit Bridge to Manly Walk; Sydney’s Hidden Walk

  • This is the bonus episode from the trail for December 2016. In this episode we review the Spit Bridge to Manly walk in Sydney, New South Wales. This walk, located within the city is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets with many locals being unaware of its existence. This episode is a series of recordings along the trail designed to give you an idea of what the trail is like.
  • For the write up of this walk go to

008 – 14 steps to Choosing new Hiking shoes; A Bigfoots View

  • As the proud owner of size 14 US feet I struggle to find a good selection go hiking shoes. This episode goes through 14 considerations for buying hiking footwear. In addition we review the Superfeet Premium Insoles and my hiking shoe of choice the Salomon XA Pro 3D hiking shoe.

007 – Leave Only Footsteps

  • This episode discusses the concept of ‘Take only memories and leave only footprints’ and identifies ways to reduce your impact on the environment as a hiker. The written version of this podcast can be found here

006 – Larapinta Trail, the Final Word (Bonus Show)

  • Today’s episode is the last of our Bonus episodes on our Larapinta Trail series. These are our final thoughts and lessons learnt from our trail experience.

005 – Interviews from the Larapinta Trail (Bonus Episode)

  • Our second bonus episode recorded on the Larapinta Trail. This episode is a collection of interviews from our 2016 Larapinta Trail hike. Listen to a diverse range of hikers from lifelong hikers, to first timers, and hear their experience on the trail.

004 – A day on the Larapinta Trail (Bonus Episode)

  • This is the first of our Bonus episodes that we will be publishing and is made up from interviews and thoughts recorded on our 2016 Larapinta Trail expedition. Episode 4 consists of a series of short recordings that will provide an overview of what a typical day on the Larapinta Trail was like for us.

003 – 10 Steps to planning a Safe Hike

  • In Episode 3 we will be discussing the 10 steps to planning a safe and enjoyable hike and providing an introduction to one of Australia’s premier hiking trails, the Larapinta Trail.

002 – A journey towards Ultralight Hiking

In this episode we:

001 – A Beginners guide to choosing Hiking Equipment

000 – An Introduction to Australian Hiker

  • Episode 000 – This episode is a very brief introduction to the Australian Hiker podcast and website. Launched on 11 November 2016 by Tim and Gill Savage, Australian Hiker aims to provide a resource on hiking in Australia as well as providing a southern hemisphere view on hiking worldwide. This is our very first episode and it shows.

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