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020 – The Overland Track – A Day on the Trail

Show Notes: Episode 020 - The Overland Track - A Day on the Trail

Have you ever wondered what a typical day on the Overland Track is like? In this second of three podcasts on the Overland Track we share a series of recordings from a typical day on the trail, providing additional commentary as we go on the things we are seeing, doing and experiencing.

If you are interested in listening to the full set of Overland Track Podcasts follow the links below:

Episode 018 – The Overland Track – Expectations vs Reality is available though out website, through Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. This episode discusses our expectations of the trip and what happened in reality.

Episode 022 – The Overland Track – Interviews from the Trail include a series of interviews with a variety of fellow hikers on how they found this trail.

You can also read the trail review which has additional information at the Overland Track 


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