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Show notes

After 2.5 years in the planning I’m happy to announce I will be doing my first long distance Australian thru hike, and first thru hike, the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. This 1003km (623 miles) track runs from Albany on the Southern Western Australian coast at one end to Perth at the other end. In this episode we will be discussing:

  • My reasons for doing a long distance multi week hike
  • Why I picked the Bibbulmun Track over other Australian long distance trails
  • The timing of my trip
  • An overview of my logistics and what I need to consider before I go.

This will be the first of a series of podcasts on long distance hikes I will be releasing over the coming months in the lead up to the trip with information that will also equally apply to shorter trails. I will also be recording and releasing podcasts during my trip so you can hear my highs and lows in real time.

Please note that we will be posting on our new ‘Journeys’ section of our website weekly leading up to the start of the trip and from the beginning of August and throughout the trip itself daily. I looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

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What is a Podcast?

While many people are familiar with podcasts, to some the term is still an unknown. So what is a podcast? The best way to think of a podcast is as digital radio on demand. You get to listen to a program of your choice, at a time of your choosing, and through your preferred technology e.g. the computer, a smart phone, or a tablet, etc.

Podcasts have the advantage over other types of media in that you can be doing other activities  such as driving to work or exercising while you listen.

How can I listen to the Australian Hiker Podcast?

You can listen to just one episode but the best way to listen to the Australian Hiker Podcast is by subscribing through iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or some other podcatcher service where the podcast episodes will be delivered to your device almost as soon as they are published. Go on, you know you want to!

You can listen to the Australian Hiker Podcast in the following ways:

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