249-Adventure Expo 2023; Industry Interviews pt 1

Show notes

Every year Australian Hiker touches base with suppliers, importers and manufacturers of hiking equipment to find out what new and exciting products are on the market and well as to see how the industry is trending.

This year is the first chance we have had since 2019 to catch up with suppliers face to face and get to talk about the new gear face to face and get up close and hands on. To get the best from this episode go to the Australian Hiker website  and on our episode page to the show notes to see images of what we are talking about in this podcast.

In next weeks episode, episode 250, we’ll bring you the second half of the interviews.

Podcast overview

Podcast introduction

  • Episode Introduction (time index 0:01:39)


  • Campers Pantry (time index 0:02:39)
    • Interview with Claire
      • New and upcoming product
        • Expedition meals coming on line with an extended range
        • Freeze dried ice-cream
        • Porridge
        • Snack range
    • Tim interview summary


  • Sea to Summit (time index 0:20:41)
      • Interview with Ross – Sea to Summit products
        • New product
          • Packing cells / bag
            • Rationalisation of the rang to make it easier to choose
            • Australian landscape inspired colours
          • Tent range
            • More consistent supple
            • New model Ikos – very big three person tent
          • Hydraulic dry bag range for when water proofing is essential
            •  Fully submersible
          • Tim interview summary
      • Interview with Alex  (time index 0:31:55)
        • Mystery Ranch Packs
          • What’s so special?
              • Load Haulers
                • Used by us Government and Military in the US
                • Features have transferred to there retail market
                • Extremely customisable
                • Highly durable
                • High quality materials used
                • Well known in hiking circles for load hauling
          • Tim interview summary
      • Interview with Seth (time index 0:36:29)
        • Black Diamond
          • Trekking poles
              • Trail series – entry level
              • Pursuit Series – enthusiast level without being the best
                • Shock and non shock series
                • Recycled materials used where possible
                •  Improved flicklock adjustments
                  • Inbuilt adjustment key
                  • Cork grips
                • Pursuit FLZ folds down top a very smaller size
              • Alpine series – top of the line
              • Distance series still available
          • Headlamps
              • Specialised lights for trail runners
              • Distance (1500 lumens)
                • Used by us Government and Military in the US
                • Features have transferred to there retail market
                • Extremely customisable
                • High quality materials used
              • Deploy (300 lumens)
                • Small light (around 39 grams)
                • Made for the urban runner
          • New running pack due out
          • New climbing gear due out for big wall climbing
          • Tim interview summary


  • AllSat Communications (time index 0:49:08)
      • Interview with Ian
        • Spot / ACR /Bivy
        • Spot X
          • Two way communicater
          • Used by a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts
            • Full keyboard, very easy o use
        • Rescue Me
            •  PLB
            • Tiny
            • Durable
            • Robust
        • ACR devices
          • 4 new PLB’s on the market
            • 5 year battery life
            • Comes with a strobe light
          • New product
            • ACR Bivy Stick
              • Personel satelite commication
              • Iridium network
              • 98 grams
              • Subscription required
              • Available now
              • Rechargeable battery – USB-C charge cord
        • Tim interview summary


  • Spelean (time index 1:02:53)
      • Interview with Greg
        • Petzl
          • New range of headlamp
          • Performance headlamps
            • 1500 lumens
            • Reactive lighting that adjusts to the conditions
            • Advanced series
              • Includes Acts Core and Actik
                • Increased lumens across the range
                • ‘Core’ means comes with a rechargeable battery
            • What sells well for hikers nd why ?
              • Actik core
              • Tikka
              • Tikkina
            • All readily available now
        • Thermarest Sleeping mats
          • New range of mats NXT
            • Xlite and Xtherm
              • The Xlite is now 5 times quieter than the previous version, also warmer
            • Xtherm mat was previously a quiet mat anyway but is now warmer with the new technology
          • Good range of sizes
          • New mats are lighter than the older models
        • MSR Stoves
          • Stove kits
            • Pocket Rocket 2 Kit (280 grams)
            • Pocket Rocket Deluxe Kit (300 grams)
        • UCO Range
          • Kitchenware and lighting
            • UCO candle lantern  well known
            • SPORKS and utility tools
              • Starting to use recycled product
            • Switch utensil
              • Spoon with a knife
                • Clips together with a fork
        • Storm
          • Fabric treatment
            • UK made
            • One cycle washing system
            • Tent cleaning
            • Footwear
            • SPORKS and
        • Tim interview summary
  • Episode wrap up (time index 0:41:10)

Close (time index 1:21:01)

Campers Pantry Images

Campers Pantry with Apple Banana and Hemp

Tim with the Campers Pantry Expdition meals

Close up of Campers Pantry Icecream

Sea to Summit Images

Sea to Summit Dry Bags

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Packing Cells

Sea to Summit Ecos 3 person tent

Osprey Hydraulic Pro 75 litre Pack

Mystery Ranch Pack Images

Mystery Ranch Coulee 40 Pack. These packs are full featured load haulers that do the job in comfort

Mystery Ranch Coulee 40 Pack side view

Black Diamond Images

Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Deploy Headlamp weights in at around 39-40 grams min weight

Black Diamond Distance Headlamp 1550 lumens!

AllSat Communications Images

Allsat Website

SPOT X 2−Way Satellite Messenger

Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1 in a large male hand

ACR Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device

Bivy stick image 2

Spelean Images

Spelean carries a large range of well known products including Thermarest, MSR, Petal and Storm

Petzl Headlamp Range

Petzl Actik Headlamp

Thermarest Xtherm NXT, just part of the comprehensive range available

PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit weights only 300 grams

Storm range of fabric treatments

Uco Spoon Fork Knife

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