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026 – Transitioning to Overnight Hiking; Step by Step

Show Notes

So you’ve been doing day walks for a while now. You enjoy them but you feel that you are missing out. Your friends keep on raving about longer trips they’ve done but you’re not sure you are up for the change to overnight trips. This podcast episode is aimed at hikers making the transition to overnight hiking from single day hikes.

This podcast is linked to the written article with images, as well as to Australian Hiker Podcast episode #27 where we talk you through a trip suitable for first timers in real-time by using the Northern Campground Trail review as an example. While this is a Canberra based site, the information in the podcast and its associated links can be used as a guide and translated to your location.


You can read the written version of this podcast at Transitioning from Day Hiking to Overnight Hiking

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