250-Adventure Expo 2023; Industry Interviews pt 2

Show notes

Every year Australian Hiker touches base with suppliers, importers and manufacturers of hiking equipment to find out what new and exciting products are on the market and well as to see how the industry is trending. In this weeks episode, episode 250, we’ll bring you the second half of the interviews from our recent trip to Sydney to attend the Australian Outdoor Adventure Expo.

To get the best from this episode go to the Australian Hiker website and on our episode page to the show notes to see images of what we are talking about in this podcast.

Podcast overview

Podcast introduction

  • Episode Introduction (time index 0:01:34)


  • Outdoor Agencies (time index 0:02:02)
    • Interview with Dave – Osprey Packs
      • New and upcoming product
        • Atmos Packs
          • Atmos/Aura LT Packs
            • Removed some of the features of the standard Atmos/Aura packs to make a lighter pack range without feature that many people may not need
        •  Exos/Eja Pro range (time index 0:06:57)
          • 1 capacity in each Pack 55 litres
          • To meet the needs of long distance hikers in the US
          •  Sub 1kg pack
          • Expedition meals coming on line with an extended range
        • Manta/Mira range (time index 0:10:38)
        • ‘Extended Fit’ (time index 0:11:46)
          • Increase in hip belt and shoulder straps for larger hikers
        • Product discussed due for release onto the Australia market in late March-Early-April 2023
    • Tim interview summary (time index 0:14:55)


  • Marmot (time index 0:19:21)
      • Interview with Dan – Marmot equipment
        • Marmot Company history
        • Tent range (time index 0:24:36)
          • Range of tents for all users from the entry level product to the ultralight high end tent
            • Catalyst tent (entry level)
            • Tungsten Series (mid level)
            • UL Series Series (mid level)
              • Ultralight
        • Sleeping bag range (time index 0:39:15)
          • Full expedition bags to ‘lounging’ bags
            • Mummy bags
            • Full featured
            • Price range of bags regardless of the bag quality
        •  Rain wear (time index 0:54:46)
            •  Well known Precip Range
              •  Jacket and rain pant
          • Tim interview summary (time index 1:04:46)
  • Episode wrap up (time index 1:06:127)

Close (time index 1:08:10)

Outdoor Agencies

Osprey Packs on the Display Wall. Dave indicated that if very pack in every colour was present it would fill all 4 walls!

Osprey Aura LT 65 Pack, a trimmed back version of the Osprey Aura AG 65

Osprey Atmos LT 65 Mens Pack, a trimmed back version of the Osprey Atmos AG 65

Opsrey Eja Pro 55 Womens Pack. this pack weights in at just under 1kg!

Osprey Exos Pro 55 Mens Pack. Again weighting in at under 1kg just like the woman Eja

Osprey Manta 34 Mens pack

Osprey Mira 22 Womens pack


Marmot Catalyst Tent 2 person

Marmot Catalyst Sleeping bag without fly

Marmot Tungsten Tent 2 Person

Marmot Tungsten UL Tent 2 person

Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag

The ability to turn a mummy bag into a regular bag with this short zip

Marmot Never Winter Sleeping Bag, just part of the large range of bags on offer

Marmot Precip Jacket

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