251-Cape To Cape Track, an introduction

Show notes

This is the first in a planned series of four podcast episodes in addition to a written trip review to be released over the coming weeks on our upcoming trip on the Western Australian Cape to Cape Track. In this episode we set the scene for our upcoming trip and provide some background on what we expect from our experience. We hope you enjoy.

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast and Episode introduction (time index 0:01:32)
  • The Facts (time index 0:01:51)
    • Trail logistics
      • Travels between Naturalist in the North and Cape Leuwin in the South
      • Distance 123-135km long
      • No big Changs in elevation (compared to the Australian Alpine regions)
      •  Duration
        • Recommended and created as a 5-7 day walk
        • We aim to do this walk in 6 days
      • Direction (time index 0:04:29)
        • North to South – why
          • Logistics and campsite bookings
        • Train and bus to Dunsborough via Bunbury
        • Bus and train back to Perth from Augusta
      •  Distance (time index 0:11:03)
        • Day by day distances (planned)
          1. 10.3km
          2. 22.8km
          3. 18.8km
          4. 27.4km
          5. 20.0km
          6. 24.0km
    • Cost (time index 0:15:02)
      • No trail fee
      • No Park access fee
      • Travel to Dunsborough by Train-Bus $44.55 per person (as at March 2023)
      • Return to August to Perth by Bus-Train $56.75 per person (as at March 2023)
    • Trail tread (time index 0:15:58)
      • Trail tread consists of a combination of natural trail, beach and rock walking, and occasional timber and constructed trail
      • River crossing (all good the river mouth is still closed a at 27/3/23)
  • Facilities (time index 0:17:42)
    • Camp sites
      • Campers only
      • Caravan parks
      • Fuel stoves only – no fires
    • Water on trail
      • Rainwater tanks and natural sources
    • Mobile reception
      • Good in the northern 1/3 trail
      • Variable on the lower 2/3
  • When to walk (time index 0:19:14)
    • Year roundvoid the heat
      • Avoid bushfire season
    •  Temperature
      • Summer around 14-29°C
      • Late March-early April 12-25°C
      • Winter around 7-16°C
      • Rainfall expected 73 days per year
  • Gear (time index 0:21:17)
    • 50 litre pack
    • Two person tent
    • Stove and all food for six days
  • The scenery (time index 0:23:14)
    • Coastal
    • Heathland
  • Wildlife
    • Expect to see snakes, birdlife and marsupials
  • How am I feeling going into this trip
  •  (time index 0:23:57)
  • Gill and tim’s wrap up? (time index 0:26:45)


Close (time index 0:28:02)


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