141-Catching up with Tangles and Tail: February 2020

Show notes

In this episode we catch back up with Lucy Barnard and Wombat from Tangles and Tail as they make their way from the bottom of South America to the top of North America. This 30,000 km journey will take Lucy around 5-6 years to complete and if successful, she will be the first women to do so.

The last time we caught up with Lucy was in September 2019 when she was just about to enter Ecuador. Now it’s been four months since we last chatted with Lucy and she has completed just on 10,000 km. Today we catch up with her in Tulcan, Ecuador in early March 2020 as she is just about to start her last leg in South America entering Colombia before progressing on to Central America.

Podcast overview

If you haven’t already listened to our previous episodes with Lucy and Wombat, they can be found at the links below.

108-Tangles and tail: an interview with Lucy Barnard May 2019

126-Catching up with Tangles and Tail: September 2019

In this episode we catch up with adventurer Lucy Barnard from Tangles and Tail and discuss how her trip is going since September 2019.

  • Trans Ecuador Single Track Trail
  • When to stop for the day
  • Visas
    • Don’t forget the riots!
    • Leaving Peru on time
  • Accessing money
  • Getting ill on a long distance hike
    • Find out more about Lucy than you ever thought possible
  • Hiking through Ecuador
    • Changes of vegetation
    • Volcanoes
    • Jungles
    • Walking above 3500 metres
    • A typical day
  • On to Colombia
    • Lucy and Wombat head to Colombia at the end of the first week in March 2020
    • They aim to be at the end of Colombia towards the end of May
    • Security in Colombia
      • Not as unsafe as it used to be
      • Road walking
  • Trip Logistics Break
    • Aprendiendo español
    • Dog #2
      • Lucy gets adopted
  • Wombat Logistics
    • The long term process of getting Wombat back to Australia
  • Highlights of the past four months
    • The scenery including the volcanoes
    • Being recognised in the middle of nowhere, feeling the love
    • Crossing the Equator
  • On a roll
    • The disadvantages of stop/start
  • Mexico City by the end of 2020
  • Pacific Crest Trail 2021

In our next episode, episode 142, we discuss what to pack for a day hike.

Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike route: Single Track Trail

To find out more about the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route: Single Track Trail go here

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Lucy and Wombat

I don’t know what it is about South America but this sort of image from Lucy seems to be common

Wombat doing his bit to clean up the environment

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