225-Industry Interviews July 2022

Show notes

Every year Australian Hiker touches base with suppliers, importers and manufacturers of hiking equipment to find out what new and exciting products are on the market and well as to see how the industry is trending. In this years episode the pandemic is supposedly over but we are still doing these interviews virtually as we catch up with 4 of these suppliers.

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast Introduction
  • Episode Introduction (time index 0:01:32)
  • Sea to Summit (time index 0:2:21)
    • Interview with Danielle Streitburg
      • New product
        • Packing cells / bag
          • Environmental and sustainable focus
          • Blue sign
          • Environmentally friendly packaging
          • Discussion on range
        • Pack Covers / Pack liners staying the same at the moment
      • Impact of COVID on the Industry (time index 0:14:59)
        • Supply Issues
    • Tim’s interview wrap up (time index 0:22:01)
  • Campers Pantry (time index 0:24:18)
    • Interview with AJ (Andrew Jenour)
      • New and upcoming product
        • Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan in the works
        • 30 new products in the works
        • New packaging
          • Saving on space in your pack
          • Longer lasting
      • Industry overview
        • Focus on quality
        • Impact of COVID changes over the past 12 months
          • Ups and downs sale of meals to people looking at holding stores of meals at home ‘just in case – preppers’
      • Something special – Freeze dried ice cream, the real stuff!
    • Tim’s interview wrap up (time index 0:41:10)
  • The NorthFace (time index 0:43:52)
    • Interview with Andrew Patterson
      • The NorthFace background
    • Impact of COVID
      • Industry overview
        • Environmentally friendly
    • New products
      • New range of lightweight wet weather shells
      • Footwear – VECTIV
    • What coming up in the future
      • New mountaineering packs
      • Continuing to improve the environmentally friendliness of their product
    • Grants for Adventurers
    • Tim’s interview wrap up (time index 1:13:16)
  • Osprey Packs (time index 1:18:03)
    • Interview with Dave Casey from Outdoor Agencies, the Australian Suppliers of Osprey Packs
      • New and upcoming product
        • The New Osprey Exos/Eja Range – available in store now
        • Atmos / Aura range has been updated
        • Sportlite day pack just released
        • Whats coming up
        • Some new/updated lightweight backpacks due over the coming year
    • Industry Overview
      • Supply chain issues
    • Tim’s interview wrap up (time index 1:32:28)
  • Gill and Tim final thoughts (time index 1:35:03)
    • Environmentally friendly products and packaging
    • Supply issues created by COVID and other overseas impacts
    • Some product yet to be released so keep an eye out
    • Meals – focus on providing meals ranges that cater for everyone eg gluten free, vegetarian, vegan

Close (time index 1:45:11)

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an example of an Australian Company that punches above its weight providing a large range of well known accessories around the world. Over the past few years they have released a number of great products that haven’t been easily available previously on the Australian market. You’ll find Sea to Summit products in pretty much every outdoor store in Australia and there’s a good reason for that; they know what they are doing.

BigRiver DryBag 13L Blue. Note the heavier grade bottom on this bag

Sea to Summit Lightweight DryBag 13L Blue

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Pro Backpack. not many for long hauls but great for waterbed activities where keeping your gear dry is crucial

Campers Pantry

Campers Pantry is an Australian company providing meals to outdoor enthusiasts off all kinds. They produce some very tasty meals and are well worth considering for your hiking adventures.

Campers Pantry new packaging – July 2022. Vacuum sealed which makes this a tiny package reducing bulk in your pack

The Northface

The North Face has been a supplier of outdoor equipment since 1966 so it must be doing something right! Just about every outdoor store in Australia carries part of their extensive range and many not outdoor enthusiasts will know the brand.


The Northface Mens VECTIV Exploris Shoe. This shoe has a ‘rocker’ action. This describes the curved sole of the shoe which creates a rocking action as you walk which I find very comfortable

Mens Futurelight Dryzzle Rain Jacket

Osprey Packs

Osprey packs are well known world wide and they produce a range of well thought out packs that will suit almost every hiker, no matter what sort of outdoor activity that you do. Gill and I own a number of packs with the majority being Osprey. We have used and reviewed Osprey packs for a number of years and over the coming few months we will be releasing additional reviews


Osprey Eja 48 litre Pack – women pack

Osprey Exos 48 litre Pack – Mens Pack

Osprey Sportlite 20 Unisex Pack

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