284 – Adventure Expo 2024 Industry Interviews pt1

Show notes

Every year Australian Hiker touches base with suppliers, importers and manufacturers of hiking equipment to find out what new and exciting products are on the market and well as to see how the industry is trending.

This year the Expo was held in Melbourne over two days and provided a chance to catch up with suppliers face to face and to talk about the new gear and get up close and hands on. In addition we also caught up with a number of suppliers remotely as well as attending a travelling road show the week after.

To get the best from this episode go to the Australian Hiker website on our episode page and go to the show notes to see images of what we are talking about in this podcast.

In next week’s episode, episode 285, we’ll bring you the second half of these interviews and also talk about where we see the industry heading.

Podcast overview

Podcast introduction

  • Episode Introduction (time index 0:01:32)
  • Spelean (time index 0:03:05)
      • Interview with Greg
        • GSI Outdoor Range
          • Cookware now with a ceramic coating
            • Tougher and longer lasting
          • Folding spoons and forks
            • Compact
            • Approximately 30grams each
        • Crazy Creek Chairs
          • Small lightweight collapsable chairs
          • A range of models
          • A wide range of colours
          • A ‘long back range’ for taller people ro for those that want more support
        •  MSR
          • MSR Hubba Hub Bike Packing tent
            • The pole system sections fold down shorter to fit across the handle bars more easily
              • Available early April into Australian stores
        • Platypus
          • Water Filters
            • Updated their quick draw filter (personal filter)
              • Can be used as a ‘squeeze filter’
              • Can be adapted to a number of other hydration bladders
              • Now comes in a range of colours
              • Available May June 2024
              • Doesn’t do viruses
        •  Petzl
          • Swiss RL model has been updated
            • Reactive lighting
            • Has gone from 900 lumens too 1100 lumens
            • Now a USB-C charging cable
            • A new locking function so it doesn’t come on by accident
            • A dedicated rechargeable battery
              • Spare batteries available for those big nights
        • Tim and Gill overview
  • Campers Pantry (time index 0:20:35)
    • Interview with AJ
      • 5 new  meals in the expedition range
        • Red Thai Curry Chicken Curry
        • Tuna Pasta Bake
        • Creamy Chicken Pasta
        • Vegetarian Pasta
        • Green Thai Chicken Curry
        • Trail showcased on each of the new packs
          • Vouchers for deals as you travel
      • Icecream
        • Now available in over 200 stores
        • 3 new flavours
          • Cafe late
          • Raspberry
          • Veagan Chocolate
      • Looking at mashed potato options (Not yet on the market)
        • Cheesy Chives
        • Black Pepper and Truffle
        • Plain potato mash(no dairy)
      • Trail mix
        • Coming into smaller packets
    • Tim and Gill overview
  • Gerber (time index 0:30:59)
    • Interview with Grant
      • Smaller knives for hikers (compact and lightweight)
        •  Mini Paraframe
          • Combo blade (serrated
          • Plain edge
          • Stainless steel
          • Full locking ???????????
          • Under $25.00 RRP
        • STL 2.5
          • Black in colour
          • Stainless steel
          • Fine edge (no saw)
          • Solid handle
          • Full locking
          • RRP $45.00
        • Zilch
          • Black, Red, Brown, Green
          • The brown colour has a black blade
          • Lightweight
          • Full locking
          • RRP $45.00
        • Mini Sada (still to be released)
          • Aluminium handle
          • Can be opened with thumb or finger
          • RRP $69.99
          • Clip point blade, differs profile than other knives
      • Multitools
        •  Armbar range
        • Range of colours available across to the range
          • No pliers
          • A range of options depending on your needs
          • Start at $59.99 RRP
        • Armbar Drive
          • Stepping up a version
          • Magnet bit drivers
          • Scissors
          • Hammer end
          • $69.99
        • Armbar Scout 
          • Stainless steel
            • Pocket clip
            • Plain edge
            • Scissors
            • Saw
          • Under $79.99 RRP
        • Stakeout
          • Hiking camping focused
            • Comes with an insult carabeener
            • Knife + cisoors
            • A ‘stake pull’ for pulling out tent pegs
            • Tweezers
            • Ruler
            • File
            • Ferro Rod Striker
          • Under $99.99 RRP
    • Tim and Gill overview
  • Osprey Packs (time index 0:44:43)
      • Interview with Dave Casey- Outdoor Agencies
        • New product
          • Osprey Aether and Aerial
          • Osprey Talon Range
          • Osprey Downburst
            •  Fully waterproof backpack
              • IPX 5 – non submersable
              • For use in wet conditions so you don’t need a pack cover
            • Womens Range
              • 24 litres and 34 litres
            • Mens range
              • 26 litres and 36 litres
          • Talon and Tempest Velocity packs
            • Fastpacking packs
            • Contains running DNA combining some great features from running packs
            • Lightweight
              • 20 and 30 litres sizing
              • Will cope with up to 11 kg of carry weight
          • Bikepacking range coming online
          • Osprey’s Environment credentials continues to improve
          • Tim interview summary
  • Episode wrap up (time index 1:07:11)

Close (time index 1:08:32)

Spelean Images

Greg and Mia from Spelean talking about new product within their range

GSI Bugaboo Ceramic Base Camper and Camp Cook set. Just of of the model in the range that will come with a ceramic coating for durability

GSI Long Handled Spoon, Tim’s ‘go to’ Spoon

GSI folding cutlery

Crazy Creek Folding chairs. They have a huge range from the plain through to tie dye

MSR Bikepack tent- 1 person model the pole segments  fold down to a tiny size

MSR 2 person Bike pack tent across handlebars

Platypus Quickdraw Water filters

Quickdraw 1 litre water system

Petzl Swift RL 1100 lumen light

Campers Pantry

Tim Talking to AJ from Campers Pantry about the greta new products due for release

Part of the new range of meals from Campers Pantry bringing the Expedition range up to 10 meal options. We are definitely looking forward to testing them out

New Ice-cream options and new packaging


Gerber Mini Paraframe

Gerber STL 2.5 Knife

Gerber Zilch Knife

Gerber Mini Sada

Gerber Slim Drive

Gerber Armbar Drive

Gerber Armbar Scout in green colour

Gerber Stake Out Graphite

Osprey Pack Images

Osprey Aether Pro 75 Pack

Osprey Ariel Pro 75 Pack

Osprey Downburst Womens 24

Osprey Talon Pro 20 Mens Pack Mars Orange Colour

Osprey Tempest Pro 20 Pack

Osprey Talon Velocity Fastpack

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