256-Goal setting and hiking

Show notes

Over the years I regularly come across hikers who sets themselves a goal(s) around their hiking. Apart from planning and hiking specific trails, the two most common goals I come across include climbing all the local peaks in an area or doing a certain number of hikes over a defined period. In this episode we catch up with hiker Mike Railton to discuss his 2022 goal of doing 100 hikes in a single calendar year to see how he went.

In the second half of this episode we use this interview to discuss goal setting and hiking and the impact that it can have.

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast and Episode introduction (time index 0:01:38)
  • Interview with Mike Railton on his goal of doing 100 hikes in 1 calendar year
    • introduction to Mike Railton (time index 0:01:57)
    • Hiking background
    • Now let’s talk about doing 100 hikes in 2022. (time index 0:05:48)
      • What made you set a goal to achieve a certain number of hikes?
      • Did you put any criteria around you hike selection?
        • g., length, difficulty, geographic location?
    • How did you schedule you hikes? (time index 0:12:32)
      • Was it trying to average a certain number of hikes per month or was there more a random method in this?
    • Did you achieve your goal of doing 100 hikes? (time index 0:15:22)
      • At any stage did you think that, for whatever reason, you weren’t going to reach that magic number?
    • This is probably a hard question but out of those 100 hikes, what were your top five and why?(time index 0:16:36)
      • Dove Lake Track Tasmania
      • King’s Canyon Rim Walk (Watarrka) Northern Territory
      • Shipstern Curcuit Lamington National Park Queensland
      • Coomera Gorge Lamington National Park Queensland
      • Routeburn Track New Zealand
    • What did you learn about yourself and hiking from this challenge? (time index 0:21:44)
      • the things you lorn when you set a goal such as this
    • Were there any negatives? (time index 0:25:21)
      • Mentally really good
      • One injury which almost derailed his goal on the Kings Canyon Watarrka area in the Northern Territory. Fell and injured ankle (grade 2 ligament tear)
        • Back walking after a two week break
    • Where to next? (time index 0:28:57)
      • The Great England Crux Walk
        • Pennine Way
        • Coast to Coast walk combined
      • Malerweg in Eastern Germany (Painters Way)
  • Last words (time index 0:23:43)
    • Goal setting and hiking using Mikes 100 hikes in 2022


Close (time index 0:48:48)

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Mike Railton on the Routeburn Track his 100th hike and finished on 30 December 2022 with 1 day to spare

Hike 100 for Mike Railton

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