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068-Weather and hiking

Show Notes

Every time we head out into the bush for the day the one factor that we must deal with on every hike is the weather. Good or bad, the weather can make or break a hike and if we fail to pay attention to extreme weather conditions it can also present safety concerns.

This podcast discusses factors to consider when planning your hike as well as what to look for during the hike itself.

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Gill and I would like to thank all of our supporters for helping us to achieve two key milestones with the Australian Hiker Podcast over the past month. On the 1st May 2018 we hit 50,000 all-time downloads for the 68 episodes (Episodes 000-067) we currently have published and for the first time ever we reached 10,000+ episode downloads in a single calendar month; doing so with 3 days to spare.

For an Australian based hiking podcast this is a pretty mean feat and I know from comments from a number of listeners that this is the first podcast that you have listened to. We have been very acutely aware that we have had to generate interest for an Australian hiking based podcast and we still have a way to go.

We greatly appreciate the support of those that regularly download our new episodes and for those of you that have just discovered us. To reach this point we couldn’t have done this without you and we greatly appreciate the feedback, both the good and the bad, as well as the questions that you regularly submit which gives us ideas for upcoming podcasts.

We are constantly working to improve the production and content quality, something that we realise is a never ending process. Don’t forget to tell your friends about us and if there is any specific topic that you want to hear then let us know.

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