260-Night Owl or Rooster; what’s your sleeping pattern?

Show notes

The old saying of ‘early to bed and early to rise’ originated over 6oo years ago at a time where making use of the daylight hours was particularly important in a largely rural society. While this saying is still relevant in agricultural circles today, it’s also applicable to many other aspects of our lives, including hiking.

Our sleep patterns are unique so this podcast episode looks at the pros and cons to each type of sleep regime from a hiking perspective.

So what are you? Night owl? Rooster? Or a bit of both?

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast and Episode introduction (time index 0:01:30)
    • Sleep types
      • Rooster (time index 0:02:02)
        • Rise with the sun, or earlier
        • First to leave camp
        • Typically first into camp at the end of the day
        • First to bed
        • Pros (time index 0:03:49)
          • Less likely to see snakes
          • Avoid the hotter weather
          • More solitary experience
          • Will often get the prime camping locations
        • Cons (time index 0:06:45)
          • Leaving early means you are often packing your shelter while its still wet
          • Starting early can be colder in the cooler parts of the year
          • Cobweb clearing
          • You may miss the wildlife activity at the end of the day
      • Night Owl (time index 0:09:25)
        • Late to rise
        • Later to leave camp
        • Later into camp
        • Late to bed
        • Pros (time index 0:09:39)
          • Your shelter is dry/drier to pack
          • You have a warmer start to the day in the cooler parts of the year
          • Less cobwebs on trail
        • Cons (time index 0:10:24)
          • More likely to see snakes on the trail
          • Hiking for longer during the hotter part of the day
          • Less solitude
  • Last words (time index 0:12:33)
    • Night owl, Rooster, somewhere in-between? or both?
    • Does it really matter HYOH

Close (time index 0:16:55)

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