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087-Christmas Gift Ideas for Hikers 2018

Show notes

It’s that time of the year again when you start to look for presents for that hiking fanatic in your life; or maybe its you. Shhhh we won’t tell anyone. Last year in episode 47 we discussed alternative hiking gifts that carry a lot more sentiment without the commercial crassness as well as identifying some commercial options.

This year we focus on the best and brightest that most hikers would be glad to find under the tree ranging from the inexpensive to the grand gesture. Have a listen to see if you can pick up any ideas.

Gift ideas

We have arranged these gift ideas in price categories and there’s something to suit all budgets. One thing we would say, and this is something that both Gill and I appreciate as keen hikers is:

“Don’t do grand gestures without knowing what the hiker in your life wants”

Think of this from your perspective of getting an expensive gift that really isn’t what you want. If you’re not sure stick to small presents, or give gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers

Always a safe bet and something that everyone appreciates. The only downside is that the receiver knows how much you have spent.  Try to find out where they usually buy all their gear and choose a voucher from there.


Gift ideas under $0

We talked about this last year in episode 47 so we won’t spend much time on this but these ideas include:

  • Baby sitting services to let mum and dad get away by themselves
  • Drop off and pick up services from the trail heads
  • An offer to go for a hike with someone who doesn’t have a hiking partner.


Gift ideas under $25


There is no end to the books on hiking and outdoor activities. For me I read technical books including those on trail design as well as those on inspirational journeys. But it helps to know what your hiker is into.


The last 10 years has seen an explosion in hiking related DVDs. Titles like A Walk in the Woods and Wild top that list and can usually be picked up for under $20 either in store or online. They’re both great films even for non hikers.

Stove gas

Again with this one you need to know what sort of stove your hiker uses but I have a number of canisters sitting in my garage so if Gill wasn’t a hiker she would still know. Gas canisters of varying sizes can be picked up in just about any outdoor store. Prices start around $10

Sea to Summit X-Mug

A great option for a hiking mug and also comes in the smaller X-cup. Price is around $17

GSI Cathole Trowel

My favourite trowel for digging cat-holes (camping toilets for the non hikers). Price is around $11

Freeze Dried Meals

Something that most hikers will use and its handy when you just want to go at the drop of a hat. Prices start around $11

Australian Hiker: Day Hiking-Gear basics

This is an e-Book Gear Basics for Day Hiking, our first eBook in our collection and aimed at the brand new hiker. It provides you with hiking gear basics so you can assess for yourself what gear you may need for the day hikes you’re planning. Price around $4


Gift ideas under $50

Qalo Silicone Rings

A silicone wedding rings for those of us who, for work reasons, can’t wear metal wedding bands. Price is around $35

Platypus cleaning kit for Bladders and Bottles

Something that every hiker needs to keep their water containers clean. Price around $27


Gift ideas under $100

Great Walks Magazine Subscription

  • $84 for one year of 7 issues
  • One of Australia’s top hiking magazines

Wild Magazine Subscription

  • $55 for one year of 6 issues
  • Another great Australian offering

Overseas Magazines


Gift ideas under $100

Deejo Tattoo Naked Topography Knife

These knives are artwork as well as being functional. Any hiker would love to receive one of these. Price around $90

Katadyn BeFree 0.6 Litre

Great little water bottle/filter that most hikers will find a use for. Price around $70

MSR Caron Core tent Pegs

These aren’t cheap tent pegs but I always carry at least four on a hike unless I know I’m camping in sand. Price around $56

Petzl E+Lite

A great backup light that weighs almost nothing. Price around $53


Gift ideas under $100-$500

Once you hit this category you really want to know what your hiker wants. This category is hard to surprise someone with if they are an experienced hiker and have very fixed views on what they want.

JetBoil MiniMo

A great two person stove and an industry stalwart. Gill and I use this when we are both on the trail at the same time. Price around $240

Therma-Rest NeoAir XLite

A mat by which all others are measured, but it’s also noisy which can put some people off. Price around $400

KTI SafetyAlert PLB–SA2G

Every hike should carry an emergency beacon of some sort and this brand is usually one of the cheapest on the market. Price around $260


No limit

In this bracket you’re not setting a limit and it’s best nit to try to surprise an experienced hiker with gear in this price range. You either get it very right or very wrong.

Garmin In Reach

This can be considered a present for both the giver and the receiver. Price around $680. Additional subscription fees supply.

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

A great two person tent for those who want all features but also want less weight (which also means less space). Price around $650

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

A great two person tent for those who want all features plus a bit more room to move. Price around $690

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