130-Christmas Gifts for Hikers 2019

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It’s that time of the year again when you start to look for presents for that hiking fanatic in your life; maybe it’s you?

In this episode we focus on the best and brightest that has been released over the past year and those iconic status items that all hikers would be pleased to own ranging from the inexpensive to the grand gesture. Have a listen to see if you can pick up any ideas.

Podcast Overview

In this episode we discuss gift ideas in price categories with something to suit all budgets. One thing we would say, and this is something that both Gill and I appreciate as keen hikers is:

‘Avoid grand gestures without knowing what the hiker in your life really wants’

Think of this from your perspective of getting an expensive gift that really isn’t what you want. If you’re not sure, stick to small presents, or give gift vouchers.

Gift Ideas for $0

Spending money is easy but not always required and while we have talked about this previously these are still great options to consider and cost little to nothing from a dollars perspective and in some cases require just your time. Our zero cost ideas include:

  • Baby sitting services to let mum and dad get hiking by themselves
  • Drop off and pick up services from the trail heads
  • An offer to go for a hike with someone who doesn’t have a hiking partner
  • ‘Allowing’ your significant other to ‘disappear’ on a hike that they have always wanted to do.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are always a safe bet and something that everyone appreciates. The only downside is that the receiver knows how much you have spent. Try to find out where they usually buy their gear and choose a voucher from there.

Wild Earth gift voucher – choose an amount that suits you

Gift Ideas under $30

If you don’t want to go the voucher route but don’t want to spend a lot of money then then are plenty of options.

Books and videos

Over the past 12 months we have reviewed some great books and videos/DVDs so  there is plenty of variety depending on people’s tastes. To look at the books and videos that we have reviewed over the past few years go here.

Now I know many people are starting to steam their movies these days but there are some great movies around that hikers and non hikers alike will love. Most of these movies are priced well below the $30 mark. The following are some great options.

Epic Hikes of the World – front cover

There are lots of great hiking videos available that make great presents

Hiking Equipment

Australian Hiker: Day Hiking-Gear basics

This is an e-Book Gear Basics for Day Hiking, our first eBook in our collection and aimed at the brand new hiker. It provides you with hiking gear basics so you can assess for yourself what gear you may need for the day hikes you’re planning. And the price is under $4!

Stove gas

Again with this one you need to know what sort of stove your hiker uses but I have a number of canisters sitting in my garage so if Gill wasn’t a hiker she would still know. Gas canisters of varying sizes can be picked up in just about any outdoor store. Prices start around $10

Freeze Dried Meals

Something that most hikers will use and its handy when you just want to go at the drop of a hat. Prices start around $11-17

Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0 Army

My current go to means for lighting my hiking stove and easy to use

GSI Essential Spoon-Long

This is a great long handled spoon that’s lightweight (just 27 grams) and extremely comfortable to use

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Army

Top 10 Single Serve Freeze Dried meals on the Australian market

Top 10 Freeze Dried meals on the Australian market (single and double serve)

Gifts ideas under $100

MSR Carbon Core Tent Peg

These now form part of my tent peg arsenal and weigh only 6 grams a peg

Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set

A high quality spork and knife set that is beautiful to look at, robust and very functional (it’s also a can opener and bottle opener). For our full write up click on the link

Great Walks Magazine Subscription

At $84 for one year of 7 issues this a great gift option for one of Australia’s top hiking magazines

Wild Magazine Subscription

At $60 for one year of 6 issues this is a great Australian offering

MSR Carbon Core Tent Peg

Baladéo Basecamp Ultimate Cutlery Set

Gift Ideas $100-$300

Once you hit this category you really want to know what your hiker wants. It is hard to surprise someone with this category. If they are an experienced hiker and have very fixed views on what they want, you’ll need to ask them.

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

A small compact stove system and under $200

Osprey Eja 58 Women’s Pack

This is Gill’s current go to pack (women’s pack) and she loves it. Definitely don’t buy someone a pack without talking to them first

Jetboil Zip gas stove

Opsrey Eja 58

Gift Ideas $300-$1000

In this bracket you’re starting to get serious on price and its best not to try to surprise an experienced hiker with gear in this price range. You‘ll either get it very right or you’ll get it very wrong.

Therma-Rest NeoAir XLite

A mat by which all others are measured, but it’s also noisy which can put some people off. Price around $350-400

Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Sleeping Mat

Not quite as light or as compact as the Therm-a-rest but a lot quieter

Wilderness Navigation Course

I few years ago I did a Wilderness Navigation course with the Australian School of Mountaineering in the Blue Mountains to brush up on my skills. Use it or lose it! I’ve done other courses as well with this store and they never fail to impress

Garmin In Reach Explorer+

This can be considered a present for both the giver and the receiver. Price around $680 with additional subscription fees applying

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 Tent Platinum

A exceptional two person tent for those who want all features but also want less weight. Priced around $835 (at time of article)

Garmin Inreach Explorer+



Thermarest Neo Air Xlite Sleeping mat

Sea to Summit Ether light XT Sleeping Mat

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2 Platinum. Look it’s the same colour as the rocks

Gifts above $1000

While there is hiking equipment above the $1,000 dollar mark once you shift over this price bracket you are either buying more than one item or you are looking at one of the many hiking holidays on offer. If you do plan on spending this hefty amount don’t do it on a whim – you’ll need the agreement of the gift receiver as its so easy to get it wrong. Some options are:

Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort $2,985

Want a taste test of our favourite Australian Trail? And in luxury?

Outward Bound Summit to Sea ($5,356)

Take Outward Bound’s most famous epic journey through three states, from Australia’s highest mountain to the south coast of Victoria. In just under four weeks (26 days) you will discover new things about yourself and grow in ways you never thought possible

World Expeditions Bhutan High Trails via Laya ($6,940)

We did this trip in 2012. It’s a great trip that you can read about here. The way that Bhutan operates its trekking permits it is cheaper doing it as a guided trip

Final thoughts

Whatever you end up buying for your hiking enthusiast just remember that it’s not necessarily about how much you spend but the thought you put into. And if you aren’t sure, go the gift voucher or talk with them.

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