070 – Outdoor Retailer Australia Show-June 2018 part 2

Show notes

The 2018 Outdoor Retailer Australia Show was held on 17-19 June 2018 at the Moore Park Exhibition Centre in Sydney. This annual show is a chance for Australia’s outdoor wholesalers and manufacturers to showcase their new and existing products to Australia’s outdoor retailers and allied media (Trade only). For the second year in a row Australian Hiker was lucky enough to attend this as a media representative. Even as a card carrying gear freak I was amazed as some of the new product coming onto the Australian market over the coming year.

This podcast is the second recorded at this show and contains a further 6 interviews. If you want to hear the first series of interviews go to episode 069. In addition to the interviews we also also looked at a number of other products on show and will be discussing those as part of the next episode, posting photos, and undertaking reviews over the coming 6-8 weeks.

The companies interviewed in this episode are:

Edas Foods

I had come across this product in social media threads and was planning on ordering a few packets to try them out so was pleasantly surprised to see the at the Outdoor Retailer Expo.

EDAS foods  produce a product called Primal Pods which is essentially a commercially produced dehydrated meal. They currently produce three meal options which consist of 300grams of vegetables and 160 grams of meat. Dehydrated these meals weigh 80 grams (+ packaging) and are designed to be eaten without rehydration making them a great meal open when you are on the go whether you are hiking or not. I will be reviewing these meals in the coming month so keep an eye out. Based on the samples I tried at the show this is a product well worth trying.


Spelean is a supplier you are unlikely to recognise from their name but they are the distributors of well known brands such as Petzl, Thermarest, MSR, Platypus, Buff, as well as many others. This year they introduced some exciting new product, some due out over the next month, like the Petzl Bindi HeadLamp, and others such as the Thermarest sleeping bag range and the Thermarest Uberlite sleeping pad weighting in at 250grams due for release in late January 2019.

All Sat Communications

All Sat Communications are the distributors for well know equipment such as SPOT, and the rescueME PLB range. In additions they also supply satellite phones


While you may not have used them nearly every hiker is aware of Injini Toe socks. In addition Injinji are also the Australian agents for Topo footwear which is one of the newer brands of outdoor shoes on the Australian Market, and Body Glide.

Mako Eyewear

Many people take their eyes for granted when outdoors and having worked outdoors for most of my life a good pair of sunglasses is critical for your long term eye health. Mako Sunglasses are one of the most recognisable brands on the Australian market and while it had been a number of years since I owned a pair of Mako’s  I was amazed at the features on some of their models that would make these an ideal choice for hiking.

Velo Vita

Velo Vita are the Australian Distributors for Dueter packs, Leki Trekking poles, and Clif products. These products are well known world wide and can be easily found in a range of outdoor stores. I was particularly impressed with their range of new Dueter packs along with the new range of nut butter filled Clif bars which I have been waiting for to come to Australia.


Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews on these products as they are released on to the market.

Primal Pod in a box

Primal Pod sample. The taste is very good and its about as easy as a meal gets

Thermarest NeoAir Uberlite. Due January 2019

Thermarest NeoAir Uberlight Sleeping Mat; only 250grams in weight, now that’s uber-light. Due January 2019

Thermarest Hyperion 32 sleeping bag. just one of the rang of sleeping bags due in January 2019

Everyone should own at least one buff; thy are such a versatile product

Petzl Bindi. Due for release in Australia in August 2018

Mako Eyewear

Mako Sunglasses. There are some excellent features on these sunglasses and there is a range of sizes and shapes to suit most faces

Clif Nut Butter filled bar. Keep an eye out for the review in early July 2018

Dueter Pack

Leki Trekking Poles

Injinji toes socks

Body Glide

Topo shoes

rescueME PLB


Other product

I also came across a number of other interesting products relevant to the hiking market and will be reviewing a number of these over the next few months. These include

  • Qalo Silicone rings
    • A great alternative wearing your wedding ring out bush or at work
  • Deejo Knives
    • Thes knife are lightweight as well as being a work of art at the same time
  • Rite in the Rain waterproof notebooks
    • This stationary really does work in the wet and doesn’t shred like normal paper when it gets damp. A great choice for making notes in a wet environment.

Qalo Men’s ring

Deejo knife. These knives are a work of art and very light weight

Rite in the Rain note book. They do write when wet and if you have the correct pen also under running water

Rite in the Rain notebooks

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