275-Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Hikers 2023

Show notes

It’s that time of the year when you start to consider gifts for that special hiker in your life. In previous years we have looked at the full gambit of Christmas gift options covering every price range including some very high-end options.

This year for the first time we focus on the lower end of the pricing range with gifts under $100, that fall into the ‘stocking stuffer’ category with something that everyone can afford.

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast introductionEpisode introduction (time index 0:01:32)
    • Spending $0 (time index 0:02:43)
    • Gift vouchers (time index 0:04:18)
    • Gift ideas $10-$20 (time index 0:06:01)
    • Gift ideas $20-$40 (time index 0:12:07)
    • Gift ideas under $40-$60 (time index 0:16:14)
    • Gift ideas under $60-$80 (time index 0:19:27)
    • Gift ideas under $80-$100 (time index 0:22:10)
    • Final thoughts (time index 0:24:37)
    • Bloopers  (time index 0:26:45)
  • Close (time index 0:27:31)

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