188-Industry Interviews June 2021

Show notes

For a second year in a row I was due to attend the Australian Outdoor Retailer Show in Melbourne only to have it cancelled by COVID. I still managed to catch up with a number of suppliers and manufacturers and in this podcast episode we find out about some new and exciting equipment releases as well as how Australian outdoor industry is going.

Podcast Overview

  • Podcast Introduction
  • Episode Introduction (time index 0:00:32)
  • Osprey Packs (time index 0:02:12)
    • Interview with Dave Casey from Outdoor Agencies, the Australian Suppliers of Osprey Packs
    • New and upcoming product
    • Industry overview
  • Wilderness Wear (time index 0:18:15)
    • Interview with John Pote
      • New and upcoming product
      • Industry overview
        • Environmentally and Animal friendly, ethically accredited, eliminating single use plastics
  • Sea to Summit (time index 0:32:50)
    • Interview with Ross Smith
      • New and upcoming product
        • Sea to Summit tents
        • Quilts
      • Into the future
        • Lightweight two person quilt
        • Expansion of the Cinder and Glow range
        • New X-cup and X-mug range
  • One Planet (time index 0:51:21)
    • Interview with Ben Weisser
      • Based in Melbourne and manufacture in Australia
        • How has the last 12-15 month been for One Planet and the industry?
        • Where do you see the industry heading?
        • Equipment, what’s new and great?
          • New range of lighter weight packsPacks
  • Gill and Tim final thoughts (time index 1:06:42)

Close (time index 1:23:22)

Osprey Packs

Osprey packs are well known world wide and they produce a range of well thought out packs that will suit almost every hiker, no matter what sort of outdoor activity that you do. Gill and I own a number of packs with the majority being Osprey. We have used and reviewed Osprey packs for a number of years and over the coming few months we will be releasing additional reviews


Osprey Aether Plus 60 litre Pack

Osprey Ariel Plus 60 Litre Pack

Osprey Talon Pro 20 litres

Osprey Hikelite Pack 26litre

Wilderness Wear

Wilderness Wear is an Australian company that designs and self-manufactures premium outdoor clothing at internationally recognised standards, supporting a discerning, worldwide community dedicated to outdoor activities, pursuits and adventures. Their big claim to fame is that they are 200% Australian being Australian owned and Australian made.

We are big fans of Wilderness Wear and have reviewed many of their products. In addition Gill and I  use many of their products on our hikes.

Wilderness Wear Website

Mens MerinoFusion 190 Switch Hoodie

Wilderness Wear produce a huge range of socks with a colour and style for everyone.

Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an example of an Australian Company that punches above its weight providing a large range of well known accessories around the world. Over the past few years they have released a number of great products that haven’t been easily available previously on the Australian market. You’ll find Sea to Summit products in pretty much every outdoor store in Australia and theres a good reason for that; they know what they are doing.

Sea To Summit Cool Grip X-Mug. The ribbing on the outside of the mug make it more comfortable to hold when the drinks really hot

Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Sea to Summit Alto TR1 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Sea to Summit Glow GW1 Quilt

One Planet

ONE PLANET is an independent, Australian-owned company dedicated to local manufacturing. All gear is designed and developed in their Melbourne factory. One Planets range of gear includes packs, sleeping bags, apparel, footwear and tents for the outdoor adventure and travel markets.


One Planet Canopy Pack – 50litre size

One Planet Extrovert Pack – 55litre size

One Planet Tussock Pack – 60litre size

One Planet BFG (Big Friendly Giant) Pack – 105 litre size

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