149-Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail

Show notes

In today’s episode we discuss the Japanese Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail. This trail, which was included on the World Heritage list in 2004, is a network of several ancient pilgrimage routes that converge on Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, in the mountainous heart of Wakayama Prefecture. Apart from the shrines, the landscape itself is one of the key highlights that everyone talks about.

In today’s episode we combine a series of three interviews and each of our interviewees provide a different perspective on this amazing trail system. We hope you enjoy!

Podcast overview

This episode provides an introduction to the Japanese Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trails. This episode contains a series of three interviews including with an Australian based hiking company as well as with hikers who have done this trip in the past two years:

Please have a look at some of the images from the Kumano Kodo below

  • Introduction
  • Interview with Marcus Ludriks from Australian based Home Comforts Hiking
    • Marcus’s hiking background
    • About the trail
    • Trail options
    • What sort of fitness do you need to do this walk?
    • Who hikes the Kumano Kodo?
    • Training requirements
    • Japanese culture
    • Trip highlights
    • About Home Comforts Hiking
  • Interview with Helen Wallis about her 2018 trip
  • Interview with Kellie Briggs 2019 trip
  • Gill and Tim’s 2 cents worth
    • Key takeaways
      • Glamping
      • The culture
        • People
        • Food
        • Hot Springs – Onsen
      • The Landscape
        • Spring vs Autumn
      • Don’t forget the trekking poles
      • It may not be long but those hills!
      • Sister Trail to the Camino

In our next episode due out on 27 May 2020 we will be releasing an episode on Day Hiking

Home Comforts Hiking

If you want to find out more about the services that Marcus has on offer then go to the Home Comforts Hiking website

Marcus Ludriks from Home Comforts Hiking

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Kumano Kodo Trail steps (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Shrine on the trail (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Trail signage (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Japanese culture (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Cherry Blossom time  (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Trail example (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Group on the Trail (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Hot Springs – Onsen (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Dinner! (image by Marcus Ludriks)

Helen stamping for book (Image by Helen Wallis)

Helen room with a view (Image by Helen Wallis)

Helen with her Dual Pilgrim certificate. helen hada fall on the trail hence the condition of her eye (Image by Helen Wallis)

Kellie having dinner (Image by Kellie Briggs)

Kellie with the Camino marker on the Kumano Kodo trail. these two trails are sister trails (Image by Kellie Briggs)

Trail example (Image by Kellie Briggs)

Trail example (Image by Kellie Briggs)

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