2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day -7 Feet
Feet taping
Feet taping

From a fitness perspective I know that barring any accident or injury I have the capacity to complete the Bibbulmun Track as a thru hike. One concern that I do have is hot spots that occasionally develop on the balls of my feet and make it painful to walk. These usually only occur when I’m doing repetitive big days on the trail which is what I’ll be doing on the Bibbulmun Track.

Over the past few months I have arrived at a sock and trail running combination that I think will provide me with the most comfortable blister free option that will suit me but I am still worried that this may not be enough.

In podcast episode 060-Happy Feet we interviewed Podiatrist Matthew Hotchkis, of Podiatry Professionals about foot care and hiking. I’m a strong believer in practicing what I preach and a couple of days ago I had my appointment with Bianca from Podiatry Professionals so that she could go over proper foot taping procedures as well as providing other useful tips that will help me look after my feet on the trail. I learnt a great deal from this appointment and am now well armed (or is that footed) for my Bib Track hike.

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Knowing what foot taping should look like from a video is one thing but having a professional Podiatrist show you how to do it is another and well worth the consultation fee.