2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 15 Pemberton here I come

Today my journey from my overnight campsite into Pemberton is not the longest of my trip at just over 31km but it’s probably the hardest. I found a better campsite about 500 metres away just below some powerlines. The next campsite was a further 5km away. The amount of downed trees is slowing things down and while some of them are easy to get around, others are so big or bushy that the easiest option is to head bush to create a new trail.

Today is also full of hills, lots of hills.

I manage to get into Pemberton just before 6:00pm but manage to miss the local supermarket. After having a shower and getting changed I head off into town for dinner and discover the Treehouse Wine Bar. This is a real discovery as the food is spectacular. I usually go for simple dinners in town and will do so tomorrow night but was very happy with my Marron and Whitebait for dinner, washed down with the local alcoholic ginger beer.

Over the past few days I have been eating more and more of my food allotment and I have definitely lost weight. I’m guessing here but estimating around 7kg so far and still going.

I was planning on playing catch up on my social media tonight but decided that sleeep was more important.

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*@&%$ trees