2018 Bibbulmun Track

All packed up and no place to go
Bag Packed and ready to go
Bag Packed and ready to go

Over the years I have done a fair amount of overseas travel, in fact due to my fathers job I was born overseas. One habit that I have gotten myself into is that of judicious packing. I will alway do an initial pack and then a day or two later pull it all apart and repack, and see what else can go, or what I have forgotten.

While I am carrying what most people would clearly identify as luxury items that is a conscious choice, and one that I am willing to make. My initial pack weight, without water is 16.57kg but that also includes enough food to get me from Albany to Walpole with a rest day in Denmark. What I don’t want to carry are things that I am unlikely to use (first aid kit excluded). My final pack is now done and now I just have one more sleep before I head off on my trip.


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Bag all packed