2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day -29 Northward ho!

Little over two years ago ago I decided that I was going to start my Bibbulmun Track journey in Kalamunda at the northern terminus and head south, mainly to take advantage of the wildflower season. Twelve months ago I had changed that decision to starting in Albany and heading north.  Then over the past seven months after watching last summers fire season, including the most recent fires near Albany that destroyed Sandpatch Campsite I had all but convinced myself that I was going to travel south again.

While I had reached that decision something was just niggling me in the back of my mind and after much deliberation I’m back to travelling north again, starting at the southern terminus in Albany. My choice was made around the following main reasons:

  • If I finish early, or late, I only have one flight to change out of Perth. This gives me extra time in case of any unforeseen circumstances which I know will happen.
  • My wife is thinking of coming over at the end of the trip and it will be easier for her to get to Perth, rather than Albany.
  • I have some people I want to see in Perth at the end of the trip.
  • From a logistical standpoint in relation to podcasting travelling north makes more sense. This is based around reaching guaranteed phone/data coverage at the times I need as well as  a greater likelihood of coming across more people walking if I walk ‘against the flow’.
  • From a physiological perspective Perth to me is the end of the trip as that’s where I fly out of so heading towards my end goal makes more sense. Not very logical I know but thats the way it is.

Like any choice there will be disadvantages to heading north but after weighing up the pros and cons heading north won out. Northward ho it is!

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Decision made! Heading north it is.