2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 14 Pie for Lunch

I’m aiming on reaching Pemberton tomorrow and rather than having a day just on 40km I have planned on going past Schafer’s hut by around 5km. This means that for the first time I will be using my tent. I started earlish this morning and was walking by 7:20am. I stopped at Northcliffe for lunch today at the Hollow Butt cafe; a pie, two hot chocolates, and a coke. Mmmm the lunch of hikers. It was an opportunity to play catch up on social media but given the huge backlog I didn’t get very far, just scratching the surface.

I headed off after a short stop for my nighttime stop. It’s been raining on or off for much of the day and while it’s now dry on the trail there are a lot of fallen trees and scrub which is slowing things down.

I decide to stop hiking around 5:30-6:00pm depending on when I find a suitable site. I find a good site but it’s in the bottom of the valley, surrounded by tall trees so even my satellite sign on my Garmin is not getting through. I manage to get my tent up and my gear inside just as the rain sets in. It’s an early night again.

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My first night in a tent for this trip having gone past Schafer campsite. The wildflowers are slowly increasing as I head north