2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 12 The Pingerup Plains continue
Rammed earth shelter
Rammed earth shelter

The Pingerup Plains continue and I’m ahead of schedule as I push through Pingerup Plains. I overnighted at Dog Pool campsite which for a northbounder is the first of the rammed earth constructions. I know there are a lot of social media posts indicating a dislike of these shelters but I think that they are excellent. The toilet facilities are really good and weatherproof compared to the old timber outhouses. The shelters just have a nice feel about them. So far for me this is my favourite campsite and this was in rainy conditions.

Today was a bit odd as in the early afternoon I left the Plains proper and was walking along management road. I was keeping an eagle eye out for a sign to head bush again and I kept on doubting myself thinking have I missed the turnoff?  It turned out that this road ran all the way to the campsite and I would have not there before 6:30pm had I realised this.

When I did arrive there was another hiker, Wanye from New Zealand who had just gone to bed. I am starting to see more hikers as I head north, most of whom are doing an end to end.

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Dog Pool campsite. The first of the new rammed earth shelters as I head north