2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 10 back on the road again

I had planned on gertting away by 7:00am but as always things went a little slower than planned and I left at around 7:20am. My plan for the day was to skip the first and second capmsite and sleep in the tent at around the 30km mark. As I pushed on I decided to make it to Wool Bales for a 39km day which also included a brain snap where I went off track for about 1.5km before I realised what had happened. I ended up getting to camp at around 7:30pm which made for a very long day.

Today was my last view of the ocean for this trip and from now on I’m into bushland. I’m interested to see what tomorrow brings as its supposed to be the start of the wetlands and walking through water!

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My last view of the ocean for this trip