2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 29 Looking forward to another rest day
Curry at the Dwellingup Hotel
Curry at the Dwellingup Hotel

Today I lingered at Swamp Oak as I only had around 12km to travel and couldn’t check in at the Dwellingup Community Hotel until midday. I ended up leaving at 8:30am in the rain and within about 30 minutes it was dry and time to remove the outerwear. Most of the trip was in clear skies but with the occasional shower heavy enough to require the rain gear.

I travelled just slowly covering this distance in a time that I would normally do around 18km. The terrain was good and not difficult with lots of ups and down but nothing like yesterday.

I time my arrival in Dwellingup to just before check in time so grab a quick Weiss Bar and Coke Zero (my junk food of choice) and head down to the Dwellingup Hotel. After checking in I have a shower and wash my clothes, and decide to check on my resupply box at the local post office. Thankfully it’s there – I definitely need my new insoles as my feet have been getting sore the last few days and I know it’s a time for a new pair.

I have lost more weight over the last fours days and have tightened my belt another 0.5cm. It’s time to fight back. I go to the Blue Wren for lunch and have some great zuchinni and holumi fritters, and then hit the tavern for dinner – I have my first curry in a month and it’s a cracker. Temperature and spicy hot, just how I like it.

I’ll eat up big tomorrow to fuel my up for my final run into Kalamunda over the next week and given the food on offer it won’t be hard.

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I’m still losing weight so am eating up big in Dwellingup. The Dwellingup up Hotel does some great food so I opted for the Red Beef Curry; it was a good choice.