2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day-36 Decisions, Decisions mk2

Over the next week I will finalise the bulk of my planning for my Bibbulmun journey. Food and equipment (the last delivery of toys just turned up), as well as my direction of travel. Do I start from the Perth end of the track or do I start from the Albany end? I have valid reasons for starting at either end and the choice was evenly balanced. Just when I thought that I had made up my mind an additional planning consideration ( a personal one) comes into play. By this time next week all the planning will be locked in.

The start of July saw me taking my physical training to the next level and I have increased my pack training distances as well as cardio and weight training. If that wasn’t enough I’m now trying to drop 6 kilograms of weight. Over the years I know from personal experience that when I’m at 93kg or lighter the hikes are just that much easier.

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So mant dessins so little time. Two years is never enough planning time 🙂