2018 Bibbulmun Track

The best yet

Today was a shorter day than the last three as I headed into Walpole – it ended up being just on 17km.  I headed off around 7:30am which was pretty good given I only got up around 6:00am and my foot taping routine takes me about 20 minutes. Andrew who was sharing the shelter with me the night before beat me out by about 10 minutes as he continued his journey south.

This was probably the best day I have had so far. While I passed the main area of Tingle trees yesterday it was raining on and off. Today I hit that magical spot with morning sunlight filtering through a light mist down through the tree canopy. It didn’t last for too long but while it did it was just a wonderful place to be.

I arrived at Walpole just on midday and was tossing up where to stay and decided to go the motel route. After settling in I did the grand tour of Walpole which is not a big town and more importantly went to the Post Office to see if my food ressuply had arrived. Sure enough it was there which was lucky because while there is a decent sized supermarket, I have worked out what I do and don’t like when I hike and while I would have coped, it would have been a struggle.

I also resupplied on gas as I prefer to use the 100gram size which means it fits inside my Jetboil stove making for a compact unit. I can get around 8 days comfortably out of the little canisters and while they aren’t as cost effective as the bigger ones, you don’t notice the weight.

After a quick lunch it was back to the hotel for a hot shower and unsurprisingly to me when I looked in the mirror I had noticeably lost weight (mmmm another month to go). I spent the rest of the afternoon  playing catch up on social media before starting on the week one podcast.

Late night while putting the podcast togeather I discovered some technical issues that required  me to download a different software that I then had to learn how to use. Not what I planned but I’m luck that I have a rest day planned for tomorrow.

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Magical Tingle forest. This remnant tree was 24metres in circumference