2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day 11 And the wet begins!
A little puddle the Pingerup Plains
A little puddle the Pingerup Plains

Based on discussions with south bound hikers I wasn’t looking forward to crossing the Pingerup Plains. I had been hearing tales of doom and gloom, and more water than dry land.

I hit the first of these water stretches just before Woolbales shelter but managed to get around them. Not so from Woolbales onwards. Within 10 minutes of leaving camp I hit the first of many stretches of water that could not be skirted. These water stretches continued throughout the day, some just 10 metres long and others 50-100 metres with most just below knee depth. While this is not my ideal hiking, it was very obvious that it had been a lot worse a week or two ago and the water stretches would have been about twice as prevalent.

I had also planned on camping some nights on this section however the amount of water limited this option, hence the push to stay at the campsites. The saving grace was that Pingerup Plains are reasonably flat and it was easy to move quickly.

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And the wet begins! This one just a shallow example