2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day -5 It’s packing time
day -5 image
day -5 image

This is the last weekend before my hike and boy do I have a lot to do. Food to pack, gear to pack, blog posts to write and podcasts to set up to make life easier to record on the trail. Oh and just in case I have forgotten any last minute item a visit to the local outdoor stores. Now I know Gill will miss me but secretly she’ll be glad when I clean up the various rooms around the house!

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I did my university degree late in life and one thing I learnt is not to worry about the disorganisation until absolutely necessary. This bomb site is most of my gear and food ready for a pack over the next few days. The remainder of the gear, including my tent and all the little bibs and bobs, is scattered around the rest of the house