2018 Bibbulmun Track

Day -57 Food, glorious food
Food glorious food
Food glorious food

If you ask people who know me what I like then food is up there. I love food and I love cooking, but strangely enough I won’t ‘cook’ on the trail preferring to rehydrate.

With 57 days to go until I start my Bibbulmun journey I have already been collecting various trail snacks and meal components.

I know from personal experience what I do and don’t like to eat when I’m hiking so when I see it come up on sale I buy up big. 14 packs of Dutch licorice (1.4kg) for a 5-6 week trip? That sounds about right. And before anyone asks ‘no it doesn’t have an adverse effect on me’.

Lot’s more still to buy!

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My wife often accuses me of putting her number three on my list of my favourite things after hiking and food. Mmmmmm.