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Day Hiking – Gear Basics

The first book from Australian Hiker


Gear Basics for Day Hiking, our first eBook in our collection, provides you with hiking gear basics so you can assess for yourself what gear you may need for the day hikes you’re planning. This guide contains:

  • A brief explanation of the key hiking gear systems and why they are important
  • Guidance on how to make the best choice for you
  • Australian Hiker’s gear checklist
  • Information on where to start
  • Links to further information

It also provides examples of currently available gear you may want to consider and includes a gear checklist that will help get you on the trail quickly.

Best Uses

As hiking becomes more popular worldwide the range of gear available to newcomers becomes more and more confusing as does the advice being offered. This guide has been written for those who are new to hiking and are seeking guidance on how to gear up. The focus of this eBook is on single day hiking i.e. hikes of several hours to a full day in length but not overnight or multi day hikes.

This guide is not for those who have extensive hiking experience or who are already multi day hikers.

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