• Pack capacity Extra Small-52 litre / Small-58 litre / Medium-58 litre
  • Pack dimension-Extra Small 70H X 41W X 38D cm
  • Pack dimension-Small 75H X 41W X 38D cm
  • Pack dimension-Medium 80H X 41W X 38D cm
  • Pack weight Extra Small - 1.14kg / Small-1.15kg / Medium-1.16kg
  • Cost $289.95

Osprey Eja 58L Pack



Rating: 8.6 / 10
Durability 1.6 / 2
Versatility 1.7 / 2
Weight 1.8 / 2
Comfort 1.8 / 2
Value for Money 1.7 / 2

Osprey Eja 58L Pack Review

I have been using the Osprey Exos 58L since I discovered there were much lighter pack options to my Osprey Ariel 55L. And I was pretty happy with the lighter options except of course when there was a few extra days of food or water to carry. Only a temporary issue but one that created a bit of discomfort for a short period.

When the opportunity to wear the Osprey Eja 58 during our Hume and Hovell Track adventure, I was a little hesitant – I wasn’t looking for a new pack and really liked the minimalist style of the Osprey Exos 58L. So what advantage could a pack only 0.04 kg lighter provide?

The short answer is comfort. The Eja can be described as the women’s version of the Exos and you can really notice the difference. In particular, the shoulder straps are tapered so they sit more comfortably and better navigate the breast area. At only 1.15 kg, this is a super lightweight pack with heaps of features.

One of the benefits of the Eja is that you can strip it back further by removing features you don’t need such as sleeping pad straps, compression straps and the top lid. Not that I tend to do that. But there is one negative – no front pockets for the things you need on-the-go like a snack, easy access to hand sanitiser etc. I’m not a big pocket filler but one pocket on the front would make all the difference! The good thing about the absence of front pockets is that nothing impedes arm movement.

This pack features the Osprey Airspeed Suspension which is a tensioned backpanel that keeps the weight in the pack off of your back and provides good airflow so you don’t get too hot a sweaty. This is essential when you need to load up a lightweight pack and still be comfortable.

The hip belt is more padded than my Exos but there is no adjustment other than tightening the belt so getting the right size is essential.

Like the Exos, the Eja also has a removable top lid (e.g. Pack Brain), which could come in handy I guess but I tend to have a lot of things packed into this handy little pocket (including my snacks) so I am unlikely to remove the brain.

The body of the Eja is a slightly sturdier fabric than that in my older model Exos – this is good for protection but I still used a pack liner at all times and a pack cover when it was raining.

Like other Osprey packs there are a number of standard features including:

  • A large stretch pocket on the back which is very useful for storing a tent, wet rain gear etc
  • ‘Stow on the go’ trekking pole storage which while this feature works well with the telescoping style of tracking poles, isn’t something I use with my Black Diamond Ultra Mountain FL Trekking Poles
  • Internal hydration reservoir sleeve accommodates up to a 3 litre reservoir
  • Extra large side pockets that fit water bottles or a number of other pieces off equipment
  • Dual ice tool loops
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • A sternum strap with integrated safety whistle.

This pack comes in women’s extra small, small and medium sizes with  colour choice limited to Moonglade Grey and Equinox Blue.

The Eja has a wider, squatter look when loaded up which is very much like the Exos in this regard. Filling the larger side storage pockets greatly contributes to this ‘wider’ view. I don’t mind this so much as it contributes to a lower centre of gravity –  something to think about if you’re not overly tall.

The Eja is well priced at $289.95AUD and is great value for a lightweight but durable women’s back pack.

The Eja is a much more comfortable, lightweight pack option for women and is my new ‘first-choice’ for multi-day and multi-week hiking.

We like

The Eja has a bunch of great features including:

  • The Airspeed Suspension that keeps the load off your back and allows air movement to reduce sweaty-ness
  • Removable floating lid with top-and under-lid zippered pockets for storing smaller items
  • Good compression strap options to tighten this pack as you want
  • Very large versatile mesh side pockets
  • Removable sleeping pad straps
  • Integrated FlapJacket for lidless use to protect your gear from the weather and to further lighten your weight
  • Rear stretch mesh pocket which expands to store lightweight bulky items such as your tent, your rain gear etc
  • An ice tool attachment loop – just because your ultralight hiking doesn’t mean you have to leave the essentials behind
  • ‘Stow on the go’ trekking pole storage that allows you to store your poles when not in use and keep on walking at the same time
  • Accessory cord attachment points for external gear storage
  • Sternum strap with integrated safety whistle

We don't like

This is a great pack for women but just one front pocket, even on the shoulder strap, would make all the difference!

Best Uses

Women hikers who carry loads up to the 14-18 kg mark but the best comfort is achieved by limiting your pack weight to 14 kg


$289.95 AUD

Buy One

You can purchase the Osprey Eja 58L Pack online from Wildfire Sports

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Other Versions

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Osprey Eja 58 litre in Equinox Blue

Osprey Eja 58 showing the extra large stretch side pocket usually used for water bottles but also great for your rain gear

Osprey Eja 58 top closure for use when you remove the pack brain

Pack Brain pocket on the Eja is very useful for holding all those little bits and pieces

The removable Pack Brain also has an internal zip pocket for valuables

Eja hip belt comfy but no space for snacks

Internal water bladder pouch

Gear loop

The tapered Eja shoulder straps sit in just the right spot

The Eja 58 is a compact low centre of gravity pack

Stow on the go trekking pole loop system

Airspeed Suspension keeps your back from getting hot and sweaty

Osprey Eja 58 versus the Osprey Atmos 50. The Eja has a lower, wider profile


This review was done with product supplied by the Australian Importer of Osprey Packs

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