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Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Walks


The Tibinbilla Nature Reserve is a well known tourist attraction located approximately 40km to the southwest of the centre of Canberra City. Some of the best walks in the Australian Capital Territory are located in this reserve and are very easy to find and access.

If you want to take visitors to see our local wildlife then this is one of the best opportunities. In addition the facilities are excellent with a number of picnic areas that include toilet facilities located through the reserve.

By clicking on the links below you will be taken to the detailed full write up of each of the walks. The time taken is based on very fit hikers so you may want to allow some extra time if your fitness is not quite up to scratch.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an entrance fee to get into the main part of the reserve (see below)

Short walks of the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

These walks are all relatively easy and don’t take up a lot of time

Birrigai time Trail

  • 3.4 Km   45 minutes

Cascades Trail

  • 1.8 Km   1 Hour

Church Rock Heritage Loop

  • 1.8 Km   45 Minutes

Hanging Rock Trail

  • 0.6 Km   20 minutes

Lyrebird Trail

  • 2.0 Km   1 hour

Turkey Hill Trail

  • 0.7 Km   15 minutes

Xanthorrhoea Loop

  • 2.3 Km   45 minutes

Long walks of the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

These walks  are medium to long in both distance and time taken with some of them being very physical demanding

Ashbrook Fire Trail

  • 6.3 Km   1 hour 45minutes

Camels Hump Trail

  • 12.6 Km   4 hours

Camels Hump Trail (Long Version)

  • 22-30 Km   8 hours

Devils Gap Trail

  • 5.3 Km  1 hour 30 minutes

Fishing Gap Trail

  • 7.7 Km   1 hour 45minutes

Gilbralter Peak Trail

  • 8.2 Km   2hours 30 minutes

Johns Peak

  • 15km    5-7 hours

Nil Desperandum Trail

  • 9.4 Km   2 hours 20 minutes

Reserve Entry Fees

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve requires a pass to enter with your car (with up to eight passengers). There are a number of walks that can be done from the carpark which means you can avoid the entry fee:

  • The annual pass is $39.50 and if you plan on doing at least three visits over the year is the cheapest option
  • A day pass is $14.50
  • The reserve is accessible before the visitor centre opens so long as you walk in or have an annual pass. The visitor centre sells snacks if you need

Prices as at 23 November 2023 (Please not at this date fees were not being collected)


All of the reviews for these walks have been done by the team from Australian Hiker based on walking the actual trails.

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