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Australian Hiker’s Top 10 Favourite Hikes

Favourite hikes

There are thousands of hiking trails spread throughout every state and territory in Australia ranging from less than 100 metres at their shortest and going all the way up to 5300 km in the case of our longest trail, the Bicentennial National Trail. While no one individual is ever likely to have walked all of them, it doesn’t stop us from trying and we have decided to share with you our favourite 10 trails we have walked since we started the Australian Hiker in November of 2016.

All the trails on this list have been walked by Gill and myself and each trail has something that has created a lasting memory. We will review this list annually as we discover hikes that have a lasting impact on us so check in every so often to see what’s changed. This list was last updated at the start of January 2022.

So here is a summary of our top 10 hikes – if something catches your eye, you can click on link for our full review. We hope you enjoy!

1. Mount Gingera Summit Walk, ACT (15-22 km)

The reason this hike is at the top of our list is not the actual walk itself but the destination. The Mount Gingera Summit just has that ‘special something’ – a feeling of solitude and remoteness, a feeling of wilderness. We do this walk regularly which is a rarity for us and have just felt at home on each occasion.

2. Larapinta Trail, NT (223km)

My attitude to hiking trails is that there are too many trails to repeat one you have already done; the 223 km Larapinta Trail isn’t one of those. Larapinta is one of the few long distance trails I want to go back and do again. The arid central Australian environment is definitely one of our favourites and this could be why the image below has a firm place on our website homepage.

Larapinta Trail write up

3. Three Capes Track, TAS (48 km)

This trail was a relatively surprise to us. We expected to like it, but not as much as we did. We will definitely do this one again. This is a great option for people getting into multiway hiking but experienced hikers will also appreciate it as well.

Three Capes Track write up

4. Gibraltar Peak, ACT (8.2 km)

Without a doubt this is the best standalone summit walk in the Canberra region providing some spectacular views to the valley below. Located within the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve This walk is easy to access; just remember to start early to avoid the crowds.

Gibraltar Peak Walk write up

5. Bondi to Manly Walk, NSW (80 km)

The Bondi to Manly Walk showcases Sydney Harbour and includes water views, bushland, residential cut-throughs, historic and Aboriginal heritage, and beach sections. This is truly one of the world’s great urban walks, all within the city confines. To find out more about this great walk click on the following link.

Bondi to Manly Walk write up

6. Rockholes Loop Walking Track NSW (6.6 km)

A walk in far western NSW in Mutawintji National Park that is definite worth a visit if you are ever out that way. To find out more about this great walk click on the following link.

Rockholes Loop walk write up

7. Spit Bridge to Manly Walk, NSW (9.6 km)

One of Sydney’s great hidden walks with many locals being unaware of its existence. This walk provides a great opportunity to do a medium length walk (10 km) without leaving the city. Depending on your transport needs and whether you plan to do this as a return trip, the best starting location is at the Spit Bridge end located near the D’Albora Marina on Spit Road. The parking facilities are good (although expensive) but you need to get an early start to secure a parking space. Alternatively you can start this walk at the Manly Wharf end and either walk back making for a 20 km walk or get a return taxi.This walk is a small part of the Bondi to Manly Walk listed above.

Spit Bridge to Manly walk write up

8. Bibbulmun Track, WA (1005 km)

One of Australia’s premiere long distance hiking trails located in southern Western Australia. This walk takes you through a variety of ecosystems providing something for everyone. If you don’ feel like doing the full walk in one go, then pick a section that’s close by to whet your appetite

Bibbulmun Track write up

9. Main Range Walk, NSW (22.4 km)

This walk takes in a circuit around some of the main peaks in Kosciuszko National Park and can either be done as a long day walk or an overnight trip.

Main Range Walk write up

10. Aussie 10, NSW (44.7 km)

The Aussie 10 Walk, located in Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, is not a formal walking track as such but rather a 44.7km route (approximately)  that uses the Main Range Walk as its central core. This walk takes in Australia’s 10 highest peaks which are all located with a short distance of Mount Kosciuszko and is typically done as a there day walk but that’s up to you.

Aussie 10 Walk write up

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