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Top 5 Canberra Walks under 5km

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), home to Australia’s capital city of Canberra has many great walks ranging in length from under 1km to the largest, the Canberra Centenary Trail, at 145km. Sometimes though, either through ability or time constraints, you just feel like doing a shorter walk. The following five walks, some located within Canberra’s urban region and others within the more remote Reserve and Parks system, are our top walks under 5km. Click on the following links for the full reviews of these walks.

  1. Kokoda Track Mount Ainslie (4.5km)
    • Located behind the Australian War Memorial this walk provides excellent views to the central core of Canberra. Great as either a day time or night time hike. Spectacular as an early morning hike in winter when the fog blankets the city centre
  2. Church Rock (1.8km)
    • This walk, located in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, was a bit of a surprise to me. At just 1.8km this short walk has some great views over the Reserve and goes past Church Rock, hence the name. More importantly, at least for me, it just has that ‘certain something’ which is hard to describe
  3. Mount Franklin (3.6km)
    • This is the most remote walk of this five, located on the western edge of Canberra. A lovely little walk that showcases Canberra’s early ski industry; there is still some old ski infrastructure on site. This walk takes in part of the old ski run and also has great views over this very remote area
  4. Booroomba Rocks (4km)
    • One of Canberra’s most loved bush walks and a must do for any keen walker. The view from the summit is back towards the city of Canberra
  5. Mount Painter (3.7km)
    • Mount Painter is located in northern Canberra and has views to nearby Black Mountain and Lake Burley Griffin. Turn to the right and you are looking at views of adjacent rural Canberra and the Brindabella Mountains