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Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is also known as the bush capital and it gets this reputation for two main reasons. Firstly it is the only city located within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) of which 46% is made up of the sole National park, Namadgi National Park. Secondly one of the central features of the city’s design is the green space known as the ‘Hills, Ridges and Buffers zones’ which not only create a green belt but take this concept once step further ensuring that nature is a key element of the city’s design.

What this means is that there are a number of urban bush walks accessible within a short drive or walk without leaving the city. So if you live in Canberra you really have no excuse but to get out there and walk.

The following list of walks are located within, or just on the edge, of the city and won’t require you to spend much time getting there. Click on the links below to read the full reviews.

“Kokoda Track” – Mt Ainslie (4.5 km)

Black Mountain Summit Trail ACT (3.5 km)

Cooleman Ridge Nature Trail ACT (3.6km)

Little Mulligans Circuit ACT (5.0km)

Mount Arawang Summit Walk ACT (1.3km)

Mount Majura Circuit ACT (6.1 km)

Mount Painter Summit Walk ACT (3.7km)

Mt Ainslie-Mt Majura Circuit (16.6 km)

Mt Taylor ACT (3.8 km)

Mulligans Circuit ACT (11.3km)

Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve Bird Walk ACT (7.6km)

Northern Campground Walk ACT (6.2 km)

One Tree Hill ACT (8.4 km)

Red Hill Summit Walk ACT (4.1km)

Urambi Hills ACT (2.3km)

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