Tarp camping



Tarp camping may not be a term many hikers are familiar with but as far as styles of hiking goes, it’s reasonably common practice with hikers that are travelling fast and light. Tarp camping is the practice of sleeping underneath a tarp and takes cowboy camping to the next level providing a certain degree of weather protection but at the same time minimising the weight of the equipment you are carrying. Like cowboy camping you just throw down a ground sheet and sleeping mat for a bit of comfort, and in this case set up a tarp overhead. How the tarp is set up will really depend on the individual, the weather, and what you are trying to protect yourself from. Is it the wind, the rain or the sun? And do you want to be able to sit up in bed or isn’t that important?

There is one thing a trap won’t protect you from and that’s the creepy crawlies.

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