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Mutawintji National Park is located close to the western border of NSW and the city of Broken Hill. This National Park was a real surprise for us with each walk being unique offering something different rather than more of the same. With so many walks on offer throughout Australia it’s rare that we ever repeat a walk but in the case of Mutawintji we will go back, it was that good! It’s a long drive to get to Mutawinji, regardless of where you start, so in just about all cases we would suggest allowing about 7-10 days to do it justice. While you can get to Mutawintji in a normal vehicle we would really suggest that you really should take a 4WD/AWD vehicle and to check the road conditions and weather forecast prior to leaving

Click on each link for a full write up of the walk including how to get there including one that will go on our top 10 list.

Thaaklatjika Mingkana Waking Track - 2.6km

The shortest walk in Mutawintji National Park with a rock as gallery as your reward. This walk is also the only wheelchair accessible one in this park as well.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Western Ridge Walking Track - 5.6km

The Western Ridge Walking Track, also known as the Sunset Ridge Trail, is exactly what its name describes. This ridgeline walk takes you above the valley and overlooks the road that runs down the centre of the Mutawintji National Park. It provides excellent views down into the valley below on the eastern side of the range to the Homestead Creek Campground and day use area, and to the western side of the ridge to an expansive open plain that is the ideal spot to take in the setting sun.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Rockholes Loop Walking Track - 6.6km

Straight up this is an amazing walk to will make our way into the Australian Hiker list of favourite walks. If you are visiting Mutawintji National Park and only have time for one walk then this is it!

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Homestead Gorge Walking Track - 6.7km

When you are in arid environment sometimes all you want to do is cool off in the local waterhole and the Homestead Gorge Walking Track is your opportunity to do this.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Bynguano Range Walking Track - 8.8km

This walk is a full loop walk starting at one end and only cutting back into the loop almost at the end of the hike. The highlight is the panoramic views at the mid point that are different to the other walks on offer in this park.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Mutawintji Loop Walking Track - 10.3km

This write up combines all the walking options in the main hiking area of Mutawintji National Park. The walks include the Thaaklatjika Mingkana Walking Track, the Bynguano Range Walking Track, the Homestead Gorge Walking Track, and the Rockholes Loop Walking Track, all into a single loop. The loop will take most people between 5.5-8 hours to complete depending on fitness and how ‘leisurely’ you go.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Mutawinji Górge Walking Track

We didn’t get to this walk on our visit so that will have to wait for our next trip

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