• Distance 16.6km
  • Altitude max 899m
  • Altitude min 628m
  • Duration 3.75 hours
  • Trail type Circuit
Three Stars

Three Stars

Worth Doing

The Australian Hiker Experience Rating is a measure of the overall quality of a walk. It is intended to help you decide whether to walk a trail, not to measure anything objective. Consider this our personal take on the walk.

Grade Three

Grade Three

Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steep hill sections a rough surface and many steps. Walks up to 20km.

The Australian Grading system is based on the australian standard for measuring trail hikes.

Rubbish Bins
Camping Grounds

Mount Ainslie-Mount Majura Circuit ACT (16.6 km)

Urban bushland

Mount Ainslie-Mount Majura Circuit Review

This walk combines two walks; the Kokoda Track Walk on Mount Ainslie and the Mount Majura Circuit. While the formal start of this walk is located in Remembrance Park at the back of the Australian War Memorial I start my walk at the top of Campbell by connecting into one of the many management trails. Starting from this point gains a bit more privacy and also provides more regular sightings of kangaroos and the occasional wallaby. There is plenty of on-street parking available at both locations, whichever one you choose.

Combining these two walk you get all the views of the two summits including into the central basin of Canberra – you will also pick up the connecting segment that provides unique views of bushland many people don’t realise exist. Probably the steepest section of this track is when you approach the summit of Mount Majura but it is only for a short distance. The summit of Mount Majura is home to the radar system for the adjacent airport and is only accessible by service vehicles. The walk goes through different types of vegetation so there is plenty to keep you interested. In the cooler months I go off-trail in some areas to avoid unnecessary travel however it is best to keep to the trail during the warmer months when the snakes are out and about. Having said that I’ve done this walk many times and have never seen a snake. It’s worthwhile bringing some insect repellent during to warmer months as the flies can be bothersome.

Almost the entire walk is on sealed track all the way to the summit of Mount Ainslie and from there across to the summit of Mount Majura. on the return, the formed trail or management road is the way to go.

This trail forms part of the 145 km (90 mile) Canberra Centennial Trail that takes in much of Canberra. The Mount Ainslie section of the trail has a high number of tourists from the Australian War Memorial and while it becomes more remote once you head down the airport side of Mount Ainslie, you will still come across other walkers, trail runners and mountain bikers.

One thing I love about this trail is the solitude in between the two summits and it also makes a great training hike without leaving the confines of the city.

Getting There

Drive towards the top of the suburb of Campbell – the access lane way is where Jackson Street meets Cobby Street. This starting point is about 1km from the start of the Mount Ainslie ‘Kokoda Track’ walk.

Starting point. There is plenty of on-street parking in this area

An example of sealed track. The trail on this walk is mainly unsealed

There are many options to doing this trail so each time you walk it you will have a different experience

An example of the fire trail which forms part of this walk

Water is available at the top of Mount Ainslie but you should take water with you particularly on hot days

Picnic tables at the summit of Mount Ainslie

The sun shining as the mist lifts after an early morning start

Canberra Centennial Trail – trailhead is at the top of Mount Ainslie

Mount Majura summit

Cockatoo eating grass seeds

Getting There

Google maps – the trailhead for this walk is located in Remembrance Park at the rear of the Australian War Memorial and is less than a 5 km and 10 minutes from the Canberra GPO

Things to Know

  • Phone: There is excellent phone coverage on this trail (Telstra)
  • Water: There is water at the summit of Mount Ainslie but we suggest you bring your own water
  • Toilets: There are no toilets on this trail
  • Trail: This trail consists of formed track and management road
  • Dogs: Dogs allowed on a leash
  • Other: 
    • This walk is an out and walk back experience but with options to create your own adventure
    • The first half of the walk to the summit of Mount Ainslie is very popular so start early if you want a bit of solitude

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