• Distance 2.0km
  • Altitude max 45m
  • Altitude min 1m
  • Duration .75 hours
  • Trail type Return
Three Stars

Three Stars

Worth Doing

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Grade Two

Grade Two

No bushwalking experience required. The track is a hardened or compacted surface and may have a gentle hill section or sections and occasional steps. Walks no greater than 10km.

The Australian Grading system is based on the australian standard for measuring trail hikes.

Rubbish Bins
Camping Grounds

Meroo Lake Walking Track NSW (2.0km)


Nearest Town

Lake Tabourie

Best Time of the Year to Travel

Year round

Starting Location

Car park at the trail head/ campground on Meroo Point road, NSW

Finish Location

Car park on Meroo Point road, NSW

Meroo Lake Walking Track Review

The Meroo Lake Walking Track, located on the NSW south coast between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla is another one of this great little walks that surprised us. This walk is 2km return (including a little bit of exploring thrown in) and the hardest things about it is finding the turn off on the highway.

The turnoff road, which is the Meroo Point Road, is not signposted and in all honesty you really needs the use of google maps on your phone to find it at least the first time you visit. We had driven past it not because we didn’t know the turnoff but because by the time we go close the traffic was a bit dense and we didn’t really have time to pull of to the side of the road so we ended up about 1km down the road bef0re finding a big enough break in the traffic to pull over and turn around.

Once you turn off the highway the road is dirt but in good condition and is relatively easy to follow. From the highway you travel about 3km to the trail head,. As you travel down Meroo Point road just remember that when you get to the fork in the road keep to the right and head to the camping area rather than taking the left fork to Termeil beach. When you reach the carpark at the trail head which is also the camping area there is a good number of car parks, a large information sign, and a decent set of toilets. Having said that if you head to this area in the Christmas Holidays it’s likely to be a bit busy.

This trail takes you down through a fairly lush forest and finishes at the beach so if you feel like doing a long walk along the beach or taking a swim then this is your opportunity. I would also suggest going off the main track and heading over to the lake foreshore itself as there was a huge amount of birdlife here and on the day we did this walk. ¬†We had Swans, Sea Eagles, Rosella’s, Kookaburra’s and a number of other smaller birds as well.

The one thing to note about this walk is that after periods of sustained heavy rains some of the low laying areas are likely to be inundated and you may find yourself getting wet feet so if there is any doubt use the alternate trail that takes you down to the beach and the lake by another direction.

Overall this is great little walk that just about anyone can do and it can easily be done in under an hour or alternately you could just as easily spend the day in this area.


Meroo Lake Walking Track trail head

This trail is lush and green

Small board walk through the low laying areas

Trail warning sign advising you to access this beach via an alternate trail when wet

You can drop by the beach for a short visit or make a day of it

Banksia in flower

Meroo Lake from a distance

As you head back from the beach head over towards the lake and do some exploring

Meroo Lake close up

Casuarina cones

Causurina forest by the lake

Back to the trail head

Getting There

The trail head is just around 40km from the base of the Clyde Mountain heading north. Travelling from Batemans bay the turnoff road in on the right hand side of the highway

Access road close up from Google Maps. To find this road use Google Maps on your phone

Meroo Point Road turn off. This road is poorly marked and if the traffic is heavy you may have to drive past the turn off and then turn around when you can

Park sign not far off the highway

Meroo Point Road

Things to Know

  • There are toilet facilities at the trail head
  • You should bring your own water
  • This trail is walkable year round although parking may be an issue during the Christmas school holidays
  • The mobile phone coverage is excellent on this trail
  • Dress for Ticks during the warmer months of the year


This walk was undertaken by the team from Australian Hiker

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