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Bungonia National Park Walks

Bungonia National Park

Bungonia National Park is located in southern NSW near the inland city of Goulburn and is an easily accessible drive from both Sydney and Canberra. There are five main designated walking tracks located within the park and they all start from the short spine road that runs from the visitor centre, all within minutes of each other.

During the fires of 2020/21 Bungonia escaped damage whereas other adjacent parks suffered badly. This means the popular Bungonia National Park is gaining even more popularity. The campground at Bungonia is well set out with excellent facilities making this a perfect weekend getaway.

The following walks are listed by distance from the shortest to the longest. Click on each link for a full write up of the walk including how to get there.

White Track - Mount Ayre 2.2km

The walk to the Mount Ayre lookout is a short part of a longer track down to the Shoalhaven River and is accessible to most hikers. While this is one of the shorter walks in this National Park I would definitely add this to your ‘to do’ list as it also provides one of the best views down to the Shoalhaven River in the gorge below.  If you get there earlyish in the morning you may even have it all to yourself.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Orange Track - 2.2km

The Orange Track is, along with the Mount Ayre Lookout Track, the shortest of the trails in this park. In addition, the Orange Track is also the easiest track to walk with minimal elevation changes on a wide easy to follow track.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Yellow Track - 4.4km

The track is on formed trail and like most other walks in Bungonia it’s easy to follow and apart from the downhill and uphill section to the creek, is not overly taxing. There are a couple of natural lookouts but the real gem is the remote, and completely unexpected lookout.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Red Track - 5.8km

The Red Track is one of the most demanding walks around but if you have the skills and capabilities to complete it, the rewards are worth well worth the effort. Please read the ‘Things to Know’ section in our review to see if this walk is for you.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

White Track - Shoalhaven River (6.8km)

The White Track, which includes the Mount Ayre Lookout takes you down to the Shoalhaven River. This walk can be done either as a day walk or also provides an opportunity for some remote area camping.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

Green Track - 7.7km

The Green Track is probably the best known track in Bungonia National Park and while it is the longest of the designated tracks, it suitable for all hikers given it is well marked and has minimal elevation change. There is even a cave you can visit although you will need to check to see if it is accessible at the visitor centre.

Click this link for the full write up of this walk

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