Nutella and Banana Wrap



In our day to day world we often look for a well balanced diet that’s not particularly high in calories but when we go out bush and expend a lot of energy, big calories are often a plus. Spreads such as Nutella provide these calories in spades and when combined with banana chips will provide enough energy to keep you going on long days. The combination of a hazelnut spread and banana is great and also provides a good mix of texture. If you’re not into banana chips you can swap them out for dried banana or even fresh banana.

Serves: 1

Approximate serving (dry weight): 127 grams

Approximate calories/serving: 524 calories


  • 1 Wrap (your choice)
  • Nutella x 3 tablespoons
  • Banana chips x 30 grams
    • You can use a fresh banana or dehydrated banana here for a different texture

Preparation Instructions

  • Spread approximately 3 tablespoons of Nutella on the centre of the wrap taking the spread from top to bottom along the width of the wrap to minimise the amount of dry wrap
  • Spread dried banana chips along the length of the Nutella. The Banana chips provide a great textural crunch but you can swap these out for fresh banana or dried banana
  • Roll the wrap up and it’s ready to eat

Nutella, wraps and banana chips – you don’t need much to make this. I have a personal preference for this brand of wrap as it isn’t full of sugar and stays fresh longer than other wraps

Nutella topped with banana and ready to roll. Take the Nutella right out to the long edges so you don’t end up with dry wrap without spread

Rolled and ready to eat

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