• Distance 1.1km
  • Altitude max 180m
  • Altitude min 101m
  • Duration 0.5 hours
  • Trail type Return
Four Stars

Four Stars

Not to be missed

The Australian Hiker Experience Rating is a measure of the overall quality of a walk. It is intended to help you decide whether to walk a trail, not to measure anything objective. Consider this our personal take on the walk.

Grade Two

Grade Two

No bushwalking experience required. The track is a hardened or compacted surface and may have a gentle hill section or sections and occasional steps. Walks no greater than 10km.

The Australian Grading system is based on the australian standard for measuring trail hikes.

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Camping Grounds

Split Rock QLD (1.1 km)


Best Time to Travel

Occasionally during the wet season (November-April) access may be limited due to high water levels in the surrounding rivers

Starting Location

Split Rock Carpark, approximately 12 km south of Laura on the Peninsula Development Road

Finish Location

Split Rock carpark, approximately 12 km south of Laura on the Peninsula Development Road

Split Rock Walk Review

This is not going to be a trail you just pop out and do for the weekend as it is located at Cape York meaning that this will be part of a larger trip up the Cape. The Split Rock walk is also one of the shortest walks that you will ever do and for all its lack of distance it is still  well worth it with some great examples of painted and engraved Indigenous art.

The Laura area is well known for its rock art however most of the sites require guides. Split Rock is an easily locatable site being directly off the Peninsula Development Road on the way to the township of Laura and can be accessed at any time so long as the road isn’t closed which is sometimes the case during the wet season.

The trail is natural but well maintained and includes some sections of rock steps. It is a relatively easy trail so can be accessed by walkers of all fitness levels. The main gallery areas at the top of the walk contain the art along with interpretive signage.

Like many Indigenous cultural sites there are some areas that are restricted from public access at the request of traditional owners. These areas are signposted so please respect these requests.

Getting There

This site is located on the Peninsula Development Road, 12 km south of the township of Laura on Cape York.  Access to this site is by car from Cairns requiring a 3.5 hour trip.

Laura is usually accessibly throughout the year however in period of heavy rains (during the summer wet season) the township and this site may be closed for short periods.

Things to Know

  • Good size sealed parking area directly of the main road
  • Toilet facilities available
  • Picnic facilities available
  • Access to Laura may be limited to the wet season during period of heavy rain

Entrance to the carpark off the Peninsula Development Road approximately 712km south east of Laura

Parking and toilet facilities

View up the trail

Rock art: Dingo

Rock art: Human figure

View out over the valley at the trail peak


This walk was undertaken by the team from Australian Hiker

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