• Dry weight 250 grams
  • Servings per packet 911
  • Calories per serve 400 calories approx
  • Cost $8.90

Radix Nutrition Breakfast − Original 400 v9.0

Breakfast meal


Rating: 7.8 / 10
Value for Money 2.0 / 2.5
Taste 1.7 / 2.5
Convenience 2.1 / 2.5
Weight 2.0 / 2.5

Radix Nutrition Breakfast − Original 400 v9.0 Review

Radix produces a couple of ranges in their breakfast meals and for most people the single serve Radix Nutrition Breakfast − Original 400 v9.0 options will be the main ones they will opt for. In our case we found that unless you are doing big days of hiking, we can quite comfortably share one meal between the two and feel reasonably full. This range is quite large consisting of nine options although you are unlikely to find the full range in any one store. In fact the stores that do stock them will cherry pick the range so you may struggle to find some varieties outside of Radix. To date we have taste tested four of the range and will work through the rest over the coming weeks.

The full range includes the following flavours with the ones we’ve taste-tested in bold:

Radix Nutrition Breakfast − what did we think?

Apple with a hint of cinnamon without being overpowering. You can see the green apple pieces in this offering. Our favourite of the bunch to date

Banana – Tastes like Banana Paddlepop which was a bit of blast from the past!

Blueberry Still to taste test

Chocolate – While we could taste the chocolate it was a bit on the mild side

Coconut – Still to taste test

Mango – Very mild mango taste to the point of being a bit bland

Mixed Berry – Still to taste test

Strawberry – Still to taste test

Vanilla – Still to taste test

This range average around 400calories per serve with each offering containing 21 grams of protein which is a big help to getting your daily allowance as well as providing a good slow release energy source for what is typically a breakfast but there is nothing stopping you from enjoying these meals for lunch or dinner.

The recommendation is to add 100ml of liquid which can either be water (hot or cold) or milk. We opted for hot water given we started our testing process in early winter so wanted a bit of a morning warm up. Radix makes it easy by putting a marker line on the back of the packets. I’d suggest you start with less than recommended and add more if the result is a bit gluggy.

Cost wise these meals sell for AUD $8.90 RRP for a single serve packet. As far as a porridge goes this isn’t a cheap meal but it will depend on how you value you time and if you can share between two as we did, the cost becomes a little more reasonable.

I certainly had my favourites and of the four that we’ve tested so far the Apple and Cinnamon is our favourite but who know this may change once we work our way through the full the range.

We Like

  • Plant-based (vegetarian) for those who are into that but its great for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike
  • Gluten free
  • Freeze dried. This takes much of the weight out of the meal and helps to limit the weight in your pack
  • Very small package which helps reduce the bulk in your pack
  • Like other hiking meals in the range, the bottom of the packet opens out to a broad base

We Don't Like

  • The main negative of any commercially prepared dehydrated or freeze dried food is the cost. It really comes down to whether you have the time to make your own and if you can achieve the same flavour
  • If you share this meal between two people then it comes out at approximately $4.45 per person otherwise you are looking at $8.90 per person
  • Made in a factory that produces other meals that contain nuts so be careful if you have a nut allergy

Best Uses

  • Great option for a quick, filling breakfast but who says you can’t eat this for lunch or dinner?

Buy One

You can purchase the Radix Nutrition Breakfast − Original 400 v9.0 from Snowys, Wild Earth, Wildfire Sports or Radix Nutrition (8 Packs Only)

Disclosure:  We may earn a small commission, at no additional expense to you, if you click through and make a purchase. Please note that our affiliations do not influence, in any way, the independence of our reviews. If we don’t like a product, you’ll hear about it from us!

PLEASE NOTE: As a special offer Radix Australia is offering a 10% discount on meal purchases (information correct as at 30 June 2024). This discount will be applied at the checkout when you make your purchase via the Radix Australia link above and use the code AUSTRALIANHIKER

Other Versions

Radix Nutrition also produces 800 calorie versions of these breakfasts for those who want to share or have big appetites


AUD $8.90 RRP

A range of Radix 400 Breakfasts unrehydrated

Radix Nutrition Original Breakfast – Apple and Cinnamon

Radix Nutrition Breakfast Apple and Cinnamon nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Banana Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Banana breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Blueberry Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Coconut breakfast

Radix Nutrition Coconut Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Mango Breakfast

Radix Nutrition Mango Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Mixed Berry Breakfast

Radix Nutrition Mixed Berry Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Strawberry Breakfast

Radix Nutrition Strawberry Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel

Radix Nutrition Vanilla Breakfast

Radix Nutrition Vanilla Breakfast nutrition and ingredient panel


This review was done with product provided by the Australian distributor of Radix Nutrition

Last updated

30 June 2024

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