• Distance 6.3km
  • Altitude max 476m
  • Altitude min 222m
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Trail type Return
Three Stars

Three Stars

Worth Doing

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Grade Three

Grade Three

Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steep hill sections a rough surface and many steps. Walks up to 20km.

The Australian Grading system is based on the australian standard for measuring trail hikes.

Rubbish Bins
Camping Grounds

Robertson’s Lookout Walking Track NSW (7.4 km)


Nearest Town


Starting Location

Byarong Park car park

The car park is well marked, sealed and accommodates about 20 cars

Finish Location

Byarong Park car park

Best Time to Travel

Year round

Robertson's Lookout Walking Track Review

While this is probably not the most spectacular walk in the Wollongong region, if you are travelling through and looking for an easy to find walk then this is up there. The morning we did this walk we had other commitments including doing an interview so Byarong Park was recommended to us by a knowledgable local – Jenae from Bushwalk the ‘Gong.

We weren’t familiar with the area but it was easy to find the car park which is the start of this walk. The walk starts behind the park information sign and meanders past the Girl Guides centre on the left and the archery park across the road to the right. At this point there is a trail sign that directs you up the hill (not the road). Walk along the track for about 50 metres and then turn left at the ‘T’ intersection which will put you onto the correct path.

The trail is mostly natural with some constructed sections as you walk through, what is for us, fairly lush bushland. One thing that you will notice on this walk is that particularly lower down, there are sections of introduced weed species that while not unattractive, show how much work is needed to maintain these areas particularly when they border residential and city areas.

This trail is mainly upwards with the odd small downhill section and the signage is adequate to get you there. You cross over one road section about mid way through the walk and as you reach about 1 km from the lookout you start paralleling the road through some almost tropical bushland dense with native ferns. While the bushland is reasonably lush, compared to what I’m used to in the Alps regions of the ACT and NSW, on our trip it was clear that a bit of rainfall wouldn’t go astray. It was very dry!

As you approach the lookout you will come across some cliff warning signs so please pay attention to where you are walking particularly if you have young children with you. There are a couple of natural lookouts as well as the constructed lookout that  provide excellent views over Wollongong.  If you want to sit and have lunch, the natural lookouts are probably a better choice.

The return leg is the way you came. Both the ascent and descent are not difficult.

As mentioned, there are more interesting walks to do in the region but this one is well worth the effort as is provides excellent views over the Wollongong city area and coastline below.

Byarong Park is a good family park and a great place for non walkers to meet you

There is lot of space and shade at the park

The trail starts behind the information sign and does mention Robertson’s Lookout at this stage

Not long after you start the walk you will go past the Girl Guides centre and come and the local archery park across the road. Keep to the left and you will see the trail sign that continues upwards

Trail before you reach the archery park

Shorty after the archery park you will come to a ‘T’ intersection with a sign (you will approach the sign from the back). Follow the trail upwards in the direction pointing to ‘The Jumpers’


There are some very short sections of constructed trail. This walk is natural trail

Natural trail image

Trail seat

Trail sign showing the way to Roberston’s Lookout

Trail sign pointing the way

Trail image

At one point you cross a small road

This is probably the hardest part to navigate. Turn left before the gate and you head downwards before heading up again

There are plenty of glimpses towards the coast on this walk

Go past the stairs and follow the trail to the summit. After this point there are a couple of short steps and steep uphill sections

It gets very lush, almost tropical in sections

Pea flower

The first of the natural lookouts. This is a great place to stop for lunch and to admire the views

Summit view panorama

Robertson’s Lookout complete with safety barriers. The views are also excellent from here but if you want a lunch break go back to one of the natural lookouts

Getting There

Wollongong is a large sprawling area so I have provided the start point at the centrally based Wollongong Hospital

Things to Know

  • The trail signage is limited but good enough to find your way
  • Keep an eye out on children as you approach the cliff edges near the summit
  • Mobile phone signal is intermittent on this trail



This walk was undertaken by the team from Australian Hiker

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