• Distance 6.5km
  • Altitude max 720m
  • Altitude min 660m
  • Duration 2.5 hours
  • Trail type Return
Three Stars

Three Stars

Worth Doing

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Grade Three

Grade Three

Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steep hill sections a rough surface and many steps. Walks up to 20km.

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Camping Grounds

Eastern Rim Walking Track NSW (6.5km)

Morton National Park

Nearest Town

Moss Vale, NSW

Best Time of the Year to Travel

Year round although its a bit cool in mid winter

Starting Location

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, Morton National Park

Finish Location

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre, Morton National Park

Eastern Rim Walking Track Review

I must admit that I have driven past Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park for too many years to count as I headed towards the NSW south coast. Finally I decided it was time to stop and see what was there which only made me realise I should have done this a long time ago!

We left Canberra at 6:30am and arrived at the car park at the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre after a fairly easy and uneventful two hour drive which included the obligatory stop at McDonalds along the way. A couple of things that you need to be aware of is that this location is very popular with tourists. When we arrived the visitor centre and the toilets were closed, which is something that you need to be aware of if you urgently need them. In May of 2021 the cafe was also closed as it was being redeveloped but no doubt this will change over the coming months. When we arrived there were two other cars in the car park and if you want the views and the bush to yourself, an early arrival is a good option.

We headed off along the well signposted path following the signage for the Eastern Rim Track which is actually two seperate walks. The first section of the walk is the the 2.5 km Eastern Rim Wildflower Walk and as the name suggests this section of the walk seems to have more wildflowers laced along the bush surrounding the track. We did this walk in May and there were Banksias aplenty in flower, Wattles and the Mountain Devils (Lambertia). I can imagine that there would be a whole different batch of wildflowers in springtime so if you have the opportunity do this walk at different times of the year, do so.

The first section of this walk crosses underneath the road and heads away from the short spur track that takes you to the main falls viewing platform along and the Western Rim Walking Track. It is worth stopping at the falls first up to avoid the tourists that will turn up not too long after the park opens. The trail tread particularly for the Eastern Rim Wildflower Walk is on a wider and smoother natural trail tread that also includes sections that take you down and back up some small valleys. There is even a section of timber boardwalk that while in good condition is something that is rarely used these days in preference for the more durable metal mesh style that is now typically used. This trail doesn’t take you close to the edge of the gorge until you reach the respective lookout locations; on the Eastern Rim Wildflower Walk there are three of these. If you have young children with you make sure they stay close by and avoid going near the edges which are typically protected by barriers but would be accessible if you really want to go bush.

The first of these lookouts is very close to the start of the trail, and the third and main viewing platform at the Warrawong Lookout is your destination for the Wildflower Walk which is about 1.25 km into the walk. This lookout provides the best views from a distance of the Fitzroy Falls. The Wildflower Walk is also well signposted with small information signs along the way. If this is as far as you are going, after you have had your fill of the views turn around and head back the way you came. As you reach the underpass almost at the start of the walk take the small branch to the left and head up to visit the main viewing platform for Fitzroy Falls if you didn’t at the beginning of the walk. if you get there early enough you will have plenty of space but you may also turn up when there is a bus load of tourists doing the same thing.

To do the full 6.5 km Eastern Rim Walking Track will take around 2.5 hours to complete. As the name suggests this walk takes you along the edge of the eastern side of the gorge stopping in along the way at a series of well defined lookouts. Some of these lookouts are on the track while others require you to branch off slightly to get the views. Once you get past the Warrawong lookout the trail isn’t as wide and easy, and the information signage disappears. Having said that the directional signal is still there and the trail is easy to follow. As you make your way to the end destination at the Yarrunga Lookout, you will pass several other stop-in points with lookouts providing different views down to the gorge below. While these lookouts are all very similar they provide differing viewing angles and if you are a keen photographer you will get light changes throughout the day that take advantage of the scenery.

Wildlife wise we didn’t see anything but we could hear lots and lots of birdlife. Usually when I try and record birds they just stop singing but this time I was very lucky (see short video below).

Overall the trail tread on this walk is not overly difficult and while you have a few ups and downs they aren’t overly taxing. This is a lovely walk with some great views and a great way to spend some time even if its just a drop in as you head to or from the coast.

Park payment meter in the car park – if you don’t have a park permit, don’t forget to pay

No pets allowed

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre

Past the Visitor Centre

Working on the cafe refitt

Water warning sign

Fitzroy Falls trail signage

Closed toilets – open 9:00am to 4:30pm at least during winter

And away we go

Head left

Sponsored walk – the Eastern Rim Wildflower Walk

Trail information signage on the Eastern Rim Wildflower Walk

Trail example 1

Trail example 2

First lookout

View of the Falls from the first lookout

Mountain Devil

Yellow Wattle in flower

This is a real rarity for me as almost without fail as soon as I try to record birdsong they stop singing, they just know!

White Wattle in flower

Seat on the trail

Second lookout – May Lookout

View from May Lookout

Banksia spinulosa – Harirpin Banksia

Banksia bark

And another Banksia

Down into the valley

Patchy bark

Valley vegetation


Warrawong Lookout is the destination for the Wildflower Walk

The view from Warrawong Lookout back towards Fitzroy Falls

Early morning panorama at Warrawong Lookout

Trail signage at Warrawong Lookout – you can turn around and head back, or continue on

Trail example past Warrawong Lookout

Approaching Lamond Lookout

View from Lamond Lookout

Gorge view from Valley View Lookout

There are two lookouts at Valley View

Yarrunga Lookout approach

Yarrunga Lookout

Panorama image from Yarrunga Lookout

View from Yarrunga Lookout into the gorge

Heading back

Fungus on a tree

Heading back out of the valley

Heading to the falls

Fitzroy Falls viewing platform – it was a bit busy!

Video of Fitzroy Falls

Heading home

Back to the Visitor Centre at Fitzroy Falls

Tourist bus

The main car park was full on our return

Trail Videos

This short video contains photos and videos to show you the walk from start to finish

Getting There

Google map from Moss Vale, NSW. The trip from Moss Vale is around 19 km and around 20 minutes driving

Turnoff into Fitzroy Falls

Entering Morton National Park at Fitzroy Falls

The main car park at Fitzroy Falls. There’s another car park behind this one

Park payment meter in the car park

Picnic area at Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre

Things to Know

  • Phone: There is reasonable phone signal (Telstra) on this track
  • Water: You need to bring your own water or a filter
  • Toilets: There are toilets located at the visitor centre but they are closed early morning and late afternoon
  • Trail: This trail consists of formed track with occasional small bridge sections
  • Dogs: No dogs allowed
  • Camping: In designated camping sites
  • Other: 
    • This walk is an out and back walk
    • Keep and eye of young kids so they don’t get close to steep drop offs


This walk was undertaken by the team from Australian Hiker

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