‘Cathole’ is the term used to describe a hole that you dig to go the the toilet in when out camping and hiking. The hole should be about 150-200 deep x 200mm long. The width of the hole is up to you but you will need to be able to ‘aim’ when you do your business as well as stand over the hole comfortably.

Dig your hole well in advance (on our Larapinta Trail Trip it took me anywhere up to 20 minutes to dig holes in the very rocky soil) of needing it and ensure that you are at least 60 meters away from a watercourse so that human waste doesn’t end into the water.

Carefully place the soil just off one edge and ensure that when you backfill and walk away that the soil is well compacted and any waste is well covered.

A cathole should be roughly 150-200mm deep and about 200mm long. Width is a bit more flexible but really is going to spend on how well you can squat and aim when going to the toilet.

Not what anyone wants to see. exposed toilet paper and human waste covered (badly) with small rocks

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